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History of the Cobra Metal Detector Since 1989

Back in 1989 we introduced one of our hottest selling detectors called the King Cobra and thousands were sold throughout the USA! There were 3 words used to describe this truly remarkable metal detector. Silent. . . .Powerful. . . .Accurate It was one of the first affordable detectors that offered full automatic operation, tuning and even adjustable notch control. The King Cobra was so good that we coined the phrase "The Cobra Never Misses!" Record sales continued for about another 5 years or so until is became time to completely redesign the King Cobra detector. 

One thing about the King Cobra was that it operated at a perfect 15 kHz operating frequency, so it was Hot on rings and coins alike. It was then the engineers determined that an even lower operating frequency would be even hotter! Let's fast forward to around 1995. The engineers experimented with many frequencies and decided that 12.5 kHz would be even more sensitive to buried gold and silver. So the first generation Cobra II was put on the market and was an immediate success!

Stu and Bill Welch Testing the Original Cobra II in 1995

We just could not keep the New Cobra II in stock because they were flying off the shelves and had what our customers wanted: superior depth, excellent stability in high mineralized ground and the same "never misses" a target audio system. The secret was in the operating frequency of 12.5 kHz and proved to be the best match of performance and ground balancing ability. The Cobra II was a true winner!!!

So today we are very proud of our newest Cobra II with multi-function Target ID. It continues its long standing tradition of proven top-notch performance by utilizing the best technology offered today, like SST (Smart Scan Technology) and DS (Deep Search Mode) and a completely redesigned Target ID system that now can be programmed by the operator. Don't worry this new Cobra II offers an even deeper 12.5 kHz operating frequency.

Cobra Did Not Stop There! Check out the Cobra Beach Magnet all-purpose land and water detector. Same 12.5 kHz operation but in a super light weight and easy to use water tight configuration. Comes with all the features you need to be successful and finding the deeper buried coins and jewelry.

Cobra Introduces the New Cobra Wader Metal Detectorto Add another Metal Detector that delivers Depth and Sensitivity at a Price that the Average Person can Afford!

Search Land - Beaches - Lakes - Anywhere

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