Cobra Series
Metal Detector Accessories

Cobra Series Accessories
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Replacement Lower Rod
(MP Series)

Cat# 64-7707
Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95
Replacement Headphone Pad
for Cobra/Viper

Cat# 64-5500
ONLY $3.95
NEW CAM Lock Replacement
for (MP Series/Cobra/Viper)

Cat# 64-7720
ONLY $6.95
Cobra Battery Door
Spare Battery Door
for Cobra Beach Magnet

Cat# 64-1500

Compare to $14.95
Sale Price $9.95

Spare O-Ring Seal
for Cobra Series

Cat# 64-2000
Compare to $9.95
Sale Price $5.95
Replacement Arm Rest
for Cobra and Viper Series

Cat# 64-1007
Compare to $29.95
Sale Price $21.95
Loop Support for Garrett
(Ace 350, AT Pro, Infinium LS)

A "Must Have" Accessory!
Cat# N1164-GW001
Retail Price $19.95
Sale Price $14.95

Limited 1 per order!
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Accessory Suggestions for Water, Beach, Surf & Sand, as well as Land Metal Detectors

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  1. Knee Pads: Most people think they are the greatest invention since sliced bread! Sure helps your knees and clothing when kneeling on sand or dirt. Save your knees for more treasure hunting and metal detecting for as little as $19.95 a pair.
  1. Detector Cable Guard: All metal detector cables are very vulnerable to damage and cable fatigue due to cuts from thorns, sharp rocks or even damage from storing in your cars trunk. Why take the risk and damage the cable and have to replace our coil at considerable cost. Most metal detector manufacturers can not make repairs to damaged coil cables. What a great inexpensive item to protect your coil. Underwater metal detector will also benefit greatly by using the coil guard. Did you know that one tiny cut through the outer cable jacket will allow water to travel up and down the cable and in a short time can destroy a $1200.00 water detectors coil and possibly get into the main housing. Only $6.95 to 8.95.
  1. Short Handle Scoops: Also known as hand scoops. Scoops are probably one of the great Time Savers for detectorists especially in sand, or loose dirt. Why take lots of unnecessary time to move sand from one side to another to find that coin or ring, when ONE SCOOP will do it in seconds. Priced From Only $19.95.
  1. Long Handle Scoops: Save your back for finding more coins, rings, and treasures. No need to continually bend down to recover treasure. Sooner or later your back is going to scream “Stop”. Use long handle scoops everywhere on land, beach or in water. Find treasure the easy way.
  1. Books for beach, shallow water, surf, diving. Lots of good, useable information at great prices. Take advantage of the knowledge of many people who have gone before you. You will not have to make the same mistakes they did before they learned the very best ways to recover all types of treasures especially on beaches, in shallow water or even shallow diving.
  1. Picks and Hoes: The answer to a common problem-soils to tough to break through. Answer-For hard packed dirt, clay, sand and rocks, hoes and picks save digging time and conserves strength for more metal detecting.
  1. Shovels:; Don’t think you need one? Wait until you get that deep signal and dig as far as you can with your small digging tool. You’re tired so you fill the hole backup thinking “it ’s not worth digging for ”. A Day, week or month later another detector user hits the same target. Digs as deep as you but, instead of leaving, goes to his car for a shovel, dig another 8” to 10” and finds a $10,000.00 Rolex watch or a thick gold bracelet. Does it pay to have a small shovel?

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