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James Darby Kellyco Test Team

James Darby
Sales Representative

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I started at Kellyco in February of 2013 as an order puller and was quickly considered for the shipping department. I have always held a fascination for the hobby of metal detecting but coming from a poor family my parents just couldn't afford to buy one. So, becoming part of the team here at Kellyco was a dream come true for me because now I can use any detector of my choice. I have had much success with learning how to use them and also with the items I've found, not to mention my promotion to the sales department, this is just another aspect of my life where the knowledge of metal detection has come in handy because I'm now an expert and I can give advice to those in need. My favorite unit is the Minelab Excalibur II for beach use, as I do love that environment, and I would recommend this hobby to the world. Kellyco is the way to go!


Contact Me

Phone: U.S. Toll-Free: 1-888-535-5926
Others: 407-699-8700
Extension: 161
Email: [email protected]

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