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OKM Metal Detectors and Accessories


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  • OKM eXp 5000 Pro 5000P Image 1

    eXp 5000 Pro

    Use your Personal Computer to Analyze the Results Professionally with 3D Software
    Now Only: $56,799.00
    CALL FOR AVAILABILITY (1-888-535-5926)
  • OKM Future I-160 3070 Image 1

    Future I-160

    Detect Different Ground Structures and Natural Features of the Ground in High Resolution
    Now Only: $28,199.00
    CALL FOR AVAILABILITY (1-888-535-5926)
  • Visualizer 3D Software

    Software Program for Professional Analysis of Graphical Measurement Instruments
    Now Only: $799.95
    CALL FOR AVAILABILITY (1-888-535-5926) (or $40.00 bi-weekly)*
  • CaveFinder - A Version

    Designed to Detect Cavities Such as Caves, Bunkers and Sepulchers. Built with German Precision, Backed with American Support
    Now Only: $2,495.00
    (or $71.00 bi-weekly)*
  • Evolution

    3D Ground Scanner Makes Another Advancement in Metal Detection Technology with Blend of Functionality, Ergonomics and Futuristic Design
    Now Only: $4,999.95
  • Black Hawk R3 Complete Kit

    with 14" Search Coil‌ and a Powerful 600 MHz Processor. Well Equipped to Quickly Find Metallic Objects like Gold Nuggets, Buried Treasure and Much More
    Now Only: $5,299.00

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