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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Sku: 960-8000317
Retail: $699.95
Now Only: $640.00
(or $34.00 bi-weekly)*
with 9.5" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Availability: In stock

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White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector
with 9.5" Search Coil Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

The White’s Matrix M6 is a high performing, medium priced, easy-to-use coin and jewelry detector perfect for parks, beaches and general use in ALL ground conditions! It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-operate metal detectors from White’s. Perfect for finding jewelry, gold and silver coins in almost any terrain - it even features a "beach mode" to hunt on wet, salty sand!

The seven tone target identification will keep you from even having to glance at the M6’s display - just listen for the sounds you want to dig! The tones range from 57Hz to 900Hz, and the visual display has a corresponding VDI number to help you know what you’ve found BEFORE you dig! Go anywhere and find everything with the White’s Matrix M6!


  • Frequency : 14 kHz
  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 4 lbs (1.9 kgs)
  • Control Box : Weatherproof Box
  • Audio : Built-in External Speaker and Headphone Jack
  • Turn-on-and-Go Simplicity : 2 Controls - DISC and SENS
  • 7 Tone Audio ID : Just Listen for the Sounds you Want to Dig

Factory Included Accessories:
  • 9.5" Search Coil
  • Penlight 8AA Battery Holder

Additional Information

Manufacturer White's
SKU 960-8000317
Factory Included Accessories
  • 9.5" Search Coil
  • Penlight 8AA Battery Holder
Warranty Yes
Detector Type All-Purpose
Search Coil Type Concentric
Search Coil Size (in) 9.5"
Search Coil Shape Round
Search Coil Build Open
Waterproof Search Coil Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
Technology VLF Single Frequency
Arm Rest Adjustable
Arm Rest Strap Yes
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Assembled Length Max (in) 52
Assembled Length Min (in) 45
Apps None
Audio Tones Yes
Depth Indication Yes
Control Box Mount Standard
Frequencies 14 kHz
Number of Frequencies 1
Programmable Target Id No
Target Id Segments 190
Target Id Yes
Threshold Adjustable
Discrimination Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Ground Balance Automatic Ground Tracking
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes 3
Search Mode Types All Metal / Pinpoint, Discrimination, Tone ID Mode
Search Flashlight No
Display Type LCD
Backlit Display No
Volume Control No
Headphone Jack 1/4"
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones Yes
Battery Type AA
Battery Quantity 8
Battery Life (hr) 30 to 40 Hours
Rechargeable System No
Exclusive Features No

White's Matrix M6 Metal Detector

Matrix M6 is a High Performing Medium Priced, Easy-to-Use Coin and Jewelry
Detector for Parks, Beaches and General Use in All Ground Conditions

DISC Control

DISC Control with Easy Set Labels and 2 Preset Settings

SENS Control

Full Range SENS Control Adjustable for Maximum Depth

Auto Trac

High Performance in All Grounds - 2 Auto Trac® Settings Including One for Saltwater Beaches

White’s M6 features 2 major control dials for quick and easy adjustments to Discrimination and Sensitivity settings. The Sensitivity adjustments have a full range of control via the largely prominent control dials to allow maximum detection depth at any time. The Discriminate dial also features convenient text guides for trouble-free adjustments to rejection levels. Ground balance features White’s Auto Trac automatic ground balancing system and a specialized Beach setting for salt water and alkali issues.

m6 face

Large easy to read display with target labels and VDI Numbers! Text labeling and depth information on the LCD screen makes Target Identification extremely easy.

m6 tone id

The 7 audio tones allow for accurate audio verification of targets.

M6 is a Winner!

Beach Mode
Overall Performance
Complete Set of Accessory Coils
State-of-the-art Ground Tracking System

kennedy coin find

M6 searches "worked out" site. Finds loads of old coins including silver dimes and quarters. BIG FIND - Kennedy Half-Dollar

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 9.5" Search Coil
  • Frequency : 14 kHz
  • Weight : 4 lbs (1.9 kgs)
  • Batteries : (8) AA
  • Search Modes : 3
    • All-Metal / Pinpoint, Discrimination, Audio Tone ID
  • Battery Life : 40 Hours
  • All Metal Audio : Non- VCO
  • Weatherproof Control Box
  • Adjustable Length : 45" - 52"
  • Disc Audio : Threshold & Silent Search
  • Audio Output : Speaker & 1/4" Headphone


  • American Made Craftsmanship
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Auto Trac Toggle : Beach, Auto and Off Mode
  • Turn-on-and-Go Simplicity : 2 Controls - DISC and SENS
  • Full Size Display : Target Labels, VDI Numbers, Depth Reading
  • 7 Tone Audio ID : No Need to Even Look at the Display. Just Listen for the Sounds you Want to Dig.
    The VDI Ranges and the Corresponding Tones :
    • -95 = 57Hz (Low tone)
    • -94 to -4 = 128 Hz
    • -5 to 7 = 145 Hz
    • 8 to 26 = 182 Hz
    • 27 to 49 = 259 Hz
    • 50 to 70 = 411 Hz
    • 70 to 95 = 900 (High tone) Hz

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Best Machine For The Money - NO QUESTION

Review by Eric W on December 17, 2013

The M6 is without a doubt a GEM. It is extremely simple to use and has great features as well as depth. Two knobs & two toggles - that's it ! Out of the box, it can be assembled in minutes. I ONLY beach hunt, and in the dry sand I have recovered coins as much as 10+ inches deep. It also has a "Beach" mode that actually works! Ground balancing is as easy as raising and lowering the coil 3-4 times. Granted, you'll have to adjust sensitivity as well as discrimination, but in most wet sand here on the East coast of Florida, it runs silently with very little noise at all. The VDI is extremely accurate and it pinpoints like a marksman. This combined with depth readings as well as ID probability bars on the VDI and 7 tones, make this machine hard to beat. Buy one and you will not regret it!!!!

Review by Keith G.

Review by Keith G on July 06, 2012

I've been using my White's M6 for about 8 months now with continuing success. I upgraded to it from a Garrett ACE 250. The M6 is so much better at locating and identifying what I'm digging and what I'm not digging. I have doubled my ring finds from 4 to more than 15 since receiving my M6. I put over $158.00 in clad coins in the bank last year also. My best find so far this year is a 10k gold nugget ring. I will be going to Louisiana in April for the "Louisiana Bayou Hunt" where, along with about forty treasure hunters and friends, we will be digging up history for an entire weekend!

Review by Steve N.

Review by Steve N on December 08, 2008

A friend & I both purchased Whites M6's in 07 and immediately started finding stuff including coins, rings, and many other things. It's so simple to use right out of the box with the built in ID meter to help you along. We haven't found a lot of silver, maybe 20 coins, but wow! What a thrill when you do! The weather was warm on 11/29 took my new friend out and found another 1960 Franklin and a silver dime along with a few bucks in change. I can't wait until spring. It’s time to do some research for next year. Happy hunting!

Review by Garry A.

Review by Garry A on December 07, 2008

I have owned an M6 for a year now and it has been a great investment for me. The machine was very easy to set up and having an ID meter is great. I do a lot of hunting for coins and jewelry. The ID meter has never let me down. I have found silver coins 4 to 7 inches deep and a bunch of wheat pennies from 2 to 6 inches deep. Also, I found a gold necklace and charms. I have another detector that has not been turned on since I got my M6. I would recommend it to everyone, it's the best. I give it 5+ stars.

Review by David R.

Review by David R on April 23, 2008

If you have ever used a metal detector for any length of time, then you have dug up a few hundred of those dreaded "pull tabs"!

Since the invention of these small metal quick to open can lids our city parks and school yards have been plagued by them. A metal detector today (like my White's M6) can eliminate them by using the machines discrimination or notch controls but in doing so you might also miss a gold coin or ring. I wouldn't want to miss a gold coin so I hunt in all metal or a low discrimination I don't mind digging trash if I can pull a gold ring or coin out of what other people call a worked out area.

Detectors of the twenty first century are so advanced they can almost tell you what your machine has found how deep it is and exactly where it's at in the ground. In comparison to machines of old it would be like trying to compare a model T. Ford to a Lincoln. Each year manufacturers bring out at least one new model that can go deeper than the one before it.

On a pleasure trip to North Carolina in 2002, I found a ring (on the outer banks at the waters edge) when the tide was out. This ring could pay for all the detectors that I have bought, if my wife would ever give it up. I find them, and she wears them; those are the rules. When my daughter was still living at home, she had her own collection of jewelry that I found.

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