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Kellyco's Online Metal Detector Library

Are you an aspiring treasure hunter looking for a few places to hunt? Searching for where to start? Or, are you an experienced gold prospector that wants to find a creative area to find those gold flakes? If you fall into any category of novice detectorist to gold ring recovery expert - this unique section of Kellyco is for you!


A Letter from Our Founder Stu Auerbach : To All My Fellow Detectorists -
-   An opportunity to donate your metal detector finds to the Kellyco Showroom Museum.

New Garrett Detector Series Announcement
-   Garrett just announced the much-anticipated additions to its top of the line metal detectors.

Welcome to Kellyco - Visit our Showroom!
-   Learn about Kellyco Metal Detectors and take a virtual tour of our super store!

History of Kellyco
-   Take a look into the history of Kellyco Metal Detectors over the past 60+ years.

Top Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Metal Detector
-   Every metal detector user has pondered these!

Treasure Finds / Stories
-   Treasure stories and finds from metal detectorists and customers of Kellyco.

Compare Your Metal Detector Before You Buy
-   Compare up to five metal detectors! The features of each detector will be listed side-by-side for you to compare!

How To Select A Metal Detector
-   Important points to consider before selecting a detector.

Video Library
-   Informative videos to help you learn and become a better detectorist.

Metal Detector & Product Reviews
-   Reviews by you, our customers, on our many detectors, accessories and more.

Field Test Reports
-   Informative testing and reporting on functionality and effectiveness of metal detectors.

Metal Detecting Clubs
-   Featured Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Clubs from each state. Find one near you!

Kellyco Events
-   Features All Upcoming Kellyco Metal Detector Events. Look for an Event coming near you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Metal Detecting
-   Everything from operation to search coils, headphones, batteries and more!

History of Metal Detectors
-   Learn about the first metal detector prototype, the men and the technologies that helped shape the modern metal detector.

Metal Detecting Terminology
-   An A to Z source for all words related to metal detecting.

Now What: You Bought a Metal Detector, What's Next?
-  With these tips, the novice detectorist can be busy for quite a while!

Top Places to Start Metal Detecting
-   Comprehensive guide on the top areas to start your search for treasure!

Can I Metal Detect in My State Park?
-   Are you allowed to metal detect in your state park? Here's some info. When in doubt, ask first!

Best Security Wand Metal Detectors
-   Learn about different types of security wands, their features and which one best fits the security needs the situation.

Garrett AT Pro vs. Garrett AT Gold
-   Compare these top models from Garrett and see which one might be best for you.

The Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors
-   Explore the possibilities that come from using a two box, professional metal detector.

Best Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting
-   What to consider when choosing a scoop. The right scoop allows targets to be recovered much faster and with greater ease.

EXcelerator Search Coils
-   Information about the multiple benefits and technology behind EXcelerator search coils.

Gold Panning and Metal Detecting with the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket
-   Information all about the one of the best new products in gold panning - the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket!

Gold Detectors - What's the Difference and Do You Need One?
-  The price of Gold is going up, up, up! And the more us detectorist find, well, the sooner our machines are paid for!

Hunting Diamonds and Gemstones with a Metal Detector
-   Tips on what to look for when out searching for diamonds and gemstones!

Find a Fallen Star - Everything You Need to Know about Meteorites!
-  The who, what, where, when and why of finding a fallen star!

10 Good Reasons to Own a Metal Detector
-  Good for your health, fun, family oriented - our list has extended to almost twenty!

12 Ways To Find Older Areas To Hunt
-  The older they are the more valuable and interesting your treasure will be!

25 Best Metal Detecting Sites
-  A thorough list of the top sites for any treasure hunter!

Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics
-  Things to keep in mind while treasure hunting!

Garrett's Three "Be's" of Treasure Hunting
- Charles Garrett, master treasure hunter and author, offers basics for beginners.

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Gold
-   Gold Detecting Tips From A "Pro".

Metal Detectors Can Make You A Successful Park Hunter
-   Steps showing how to become a great park hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Coins
-   Steps showing how to become a great coin hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Best Metal Detectors For Finding Relics
-   Steps showing how to become a great relic hunter written by Andy Sabisch.

Best Metal Detectors To Use In Cities
-   Information on how to become a great urban treasure hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Best Metal Detectors To Use On A Beach
-   Information on how to become a great salt water hunter written by Bill Paxton.

Metal Detecting at the Beach
-   Insight on what to consider before you go detecting at the beach, and which types of detectors work best.

Best Metal Detectors For Fresh Water Beaches & Lakes
-   Information on how to become a great beach hunter written by Andy Sabisch.

Best Metal Detectors For Coin Hunting
-   Information on what metal detectors work best for coin hunting.

Best Tools & Methods To Recover Your Finds
-   Information on how to thoughtfully recover targets keeping the environment 
and the target itself in mind written by Bill Paxton.

Finding The Best Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting
-   Information on what types of shovels and trowels work best to successfully recover a target.

Beach Hunting Tips From A Successful Detectorist
-   Look For The Best Places To Hunt!

Best Metal Detector Information For New Owners
-   Information on on how to successfully test your metal detector!

Cleaning Tips for Metal Detector Finds
-   Includes methods to clean coins without causing damage.

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