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OnXmaps Hunt Premium App Membership

Sku: 1719-HUNTAPP
Now Only: $29.99
Get the Advantage Over Other Detectorists and Track your Finds using OnXmaps GPS Maps! Access Land Ownership Data, Accurate Land Boundaries and Mark Points of Interest. Perfect for your Treasure Hunting Adventures

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OnXmaps Hunt Premium App Membership
OnXmaps Hunt Premium App. OnXmaps Combines and Organizes Data to Create Revolutionary Maps for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Take navigation to the next level with onXMaps. Now, you can access maps of all 50 states on your phone, GPS, tablet, or computer. onXMaps will keep you informed of property boundaries, color-coded public and private lands, water data, roads, and so much more. The next time you go on the hunt, take onXMaps as your guide.

Aerial Topo Map

24k Topo / Aerial Basemaps

Over 10+ Switchable Basemaps Available on the App, and True 24k Topo Comes Loaded on the Chip

Public Lands / Open Space

Public Lands / Open Space

Federal (National Forest Service, BLM, etc), State, Local, City Parks, County Open Space, Wilderness Areas



Forest Service, National Park, National Wildlife Refuge, State Land, Public Timberland, Highway, County, City, Street, Local Park, and Scenic Byway Roads



Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Creeks, Springs, and Hot Springs



National Forest, National Park, State Park, BLM, US Fish & Wildlife, Statewide, County, Urban, Ski, and Snowmobile/OHV Trails

Geographic Features

Geographic Features

Bays, Beaches, Deserts, Draws, Summits, Geysers, Harbors, Islands, Passes, Prairies, Ridges, Springs, Valleys, Waterfalls, and More

Points of Interest / Recreational Areas

Points of Interest / Recreational Areas

Boat Ramps / Launches, Beach Access, Camping

Much More

Much More

Map Comes Loaded with So Much Data We Ran Out of Room to Tell Ya About It!



  • Video : In-App Video Tutorials
  • States Available : All 50 States
  • Field Mode Functionality : Automatically Loads Saved Cached Maps for Offline Use
  • Map Layers : Layers Offer Information on Government, Public, Private Lands and More!
  • Various Basemaps : World Topo, Imagery and Streets. USA Topo, Ocean and Gray Canvas

OnXmaps Hunt Premium App Membership

OnXmaps Vision : Combine and Organize Data to Create Revolutionary Maps

OnXmaps Process



We gather our data from hundreds of government agencies, organizations, and private business

  • We go directly to the source ensures that we create relationships with those that are providing us the data
  • It is easy to be aware of the date of the data (some call this it’s vintage, or data currency) when the file comes directly from it’s administrative source

Combine and Compare

Combine & Compare

We blend the data from many different sources to develop the most comprehensive datasets and map features

  • Compare and cross-reference the data and map features with aerial imagery, other maps, and to each other
  • The comparison process continues into choosing the placement for each particular point, line, and polygon (shape)
  • By combining all the layers together we are able to analyze each layer - whether it be roads, parcels, recreations points, and other layers
  • While comparing we are able to determine which dataset is the most accurate for that state, area, or map point and combine them to create the map layers



Since each layer has been analyzed and we have determined what data is the most accurate, we reorganize and clean up the features to make the map easy to use, while keeping stringent standards

  • We meticulously scrutinize and clean these data sets in a way that makes the data & features match up, easy to understand, and distinguishable for our map users



We discern between specific data sets & features to create recognizable maps based on our customer’s needs, behaviors, and lifestyles that make up our brand

  • We then mold the maps to fit the mold of the specific map’s brand or lifestyle type (such as HUNT or ROAM)
  • Over time, we have developed a specific style distinguishing the ~ 160 different types of points, lines, polygons we have in each product
  • Customization is based of off popularly used maps such as the BLM, USGS, State maps, and interactive viewers to make our users feel a sense of familiarity with our maps, while incorporating our own twist on them



Now its time to output the maps, this creation process is where we make the maps usable for different device platforms and lifestyles

  • We make our maps viewable on Garmin GPS devices, computers, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Our team of GIS pros, Development and Software Engineers work in tandem so that our maps are viewable on multiple devices and platform types



Our reliance on customer feedback is important to the evolution of our maps

  • Customer criticism sparks ideas and creativity from our team
  • There is no better test group than those out in the field using the product, and we understand this
  • Solid / permanent data changes aren’t made from all customer error reports or suggestions, but this feedback does prompt greater research into each specific topic

Problem Solvers : Here's a List of Just a Few Data Sets Included in OnXmaps Maps

Open Space
Open Space

Our detailed public land data can expose city or county land, or other open space that might hold your next adventure.

Property Boundaries
Property Boundaries

Always know your location relative to property boundaries; each parcel boundary, farm boundary, and ranch boundary is clearly shown on our maps.

Public Lands
Public Lands

Find lands open for public use and points of interest connected to them; such as campsites, water access, ski areas, and so much more!


With extensive nationwide trails database for both urban and rural trails, you will have no struggles finding a trail to get you where you want to go.

Private Lands
Private Lands

Find out who owns the land, with land owner name labels on most of the properties it's easy to see who your neighbors are and search for land owners.


Unlike other companies, we focus on mapping rural & nationwide backroads, closed & decommissioned roads—all important to recreation.

App Membership Features:

  • Layers (all cacheable for offline use)
    • Sections
    • Point of Interests
    • Government and Public Lands
    • Land Owner Names with Property Boundaries
    • Hunting Areas – General Species and State Specific
    • Private Lands Open to Public (PLOP) Access – BMAs, Access Yes, Timber Company, etc (varies state to state)
    • More!
  • Cacheable Basemaps
    • Topo
    • Topo + Trails
    • Aerial Imagery
    • Imagery + Topo
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Other Basemaps
    • World Topo
    • Gray Canvas
    • World Streets
    • World Imagery
    • USA Topo Maps
    • Ocean BaseMap
  • Markups
    • Text
    • Point
    • Line & Polygon
    • Photo Waypoints
    • Custom HUNT Waypoints
  • Sync to Devices
    • Markups
    • External Mapping Files (KML and XML)
  • Tools
    • Measure Line
    • Measure Area
  • Searchable Land Owner Names
  • Field Mode Functionality
    • Saves on Battery Life
    • Automatically Loads Saved Cached Maps for Offline Use
  • In-App Video Tutorials
    • Introductory Overview
    • How to Cache for Offline Use
    • How to Customize Your HUNT App
    • How to Search Land Owner Names
    • Much More!
  • States Available : All 50 States!

Device Requirements:

  • Minimum of Android Version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) on Android Device
  • Minimum of iOS System 5.0 on iOS Devices 3rd Generation and Higher

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