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Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator Metal Detector

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Made in the USA with Easy-to-Use One Hand Operation and a Rugged Construction Built for Harsh Field Conditions

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Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator
Made in the USA with Easy-to-Use One Hand Operation and a Rugged Construction Built for Harsh Field Conditions

The Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator is made in the USA with easy-to-use one hand operation and a rugged construction built for harsh field conditions. It can detect buried ferrous metal objects at depths up to 8 feet and it’s waterproof sensor tube is pressure tested to water depths up to 220 feet. Locates water and gas valves, joints in iron pipe, pipes and cables, manhole covers (Telecom, Sewer, Power etc.), survey markers, P.K. nails. The security uses are the detection of ferrous metal objects on a person, search for explosive devices (IEDs), UXOs and mines.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fisher
Factory Included Accessories No
Warranty No
Detector Type No
Search Coil Type No
Search Coil Size (in) No
Search Coil Shape No
Search Coil Build No
Waterproof Search Coil No
Interchangeable Search Coil No
Technology No
Arm Rest No
Arm Rest Strap No
Adjustable Shaft No
Assembled Length Max (in) No
Assembled Length Min (in) No
Apps No
Audio Tones No
Depth Indication No
Control Box Mount No
Frequencies No
Number of Frequencies No
Programmable Target Id No
Target Id Segments No
Target Id No
Threshold No
Discrimination No
Pinpoint Mode No
Ground Balance No
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes No
Search Mode Types No
Search Flashlight No
Display Type No
Backlit Display No
Volume Control No
Headphone Jack No
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones No
Battery Type No
Battery Quantity No
Battery Life (hr) No
Rechargeable System No
Exclusive Features No

Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator

A robust and waterproof magnetic locator designed for the field. This simple-to-operate, adjustable sensitivity, ferrous metal locator will assist your search for Valve boxes, manhole covers, Survey markers, PK nails and more buried under the ground or underwater! Polarity indication assists in finding joints in cast iron pipes!

Technical Specifications
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Frequency: 16.5kHz
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs (.8 kgs)
  • Overall Length: 40" (101.6 cm)
  • Batteries: (3) 9V
  • Battery Life: 60 Hours
  • Easy-to-Use One Hand Operation with Four Button Keypad
    • On / Off Button
    • Gain Up Button: Increases the Locating Sensitivity of the Unit
    • Gain Down Button: Decreases the Locating Sensitivity of the Unit
    • Zero Button: Automatically Calibrates Unit to Ambient Magnetic Conditions
  • Waterproof Sensor Tube Pressure Tested to Water Depth of 220 Feet
  • Audio: Audible Pitch (Frequency) Changes in Proportion to Field Intensity
  • Visual LCD Display
    • Displays - Polarity, Signal Strength and Low Battery
  • Constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Detection of Buried Ferrous Metal Objects at Depths up to 8 Feet
  • Typical uses of the FML-3
    • Locating- Water and Gas Valves, Pipes and Cables, Manhole Covers, Survey Markers and PK Nails
    • Security - Detection of Ferrous Metal Objects on a Person, Explosive Devices (IEDs), UXOs, Mines and Weapon Search and Recovery
  • Rugged Construction Suitable for Harsh Field Conditions
  • Low Battery Indicator: Flashing LCD when Batteries Need Replacement
  • Includes Soft Case with Carrying Straps and Inside Pocket for Batteries and Manual
  • Varying Pitch Audio Signal Mode uses a Moving Coil Speaker for Enhanced Audio Output

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FML-3 Magnetic Locator