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Field Test Reports

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Field Test Report

My primary purpose and approach with this test deviates somewhat from previous evaluations of recently fielded detectors. The AT Pro has long been one of the best if not the best selling metal detector on the market today for both those new to the hobby and those with years of experience swinging a coil. A routine field test, similar to those I've done in the recent past, is therefore unnecessary. However, for the new detectorist, there is a need to...

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Go-Find 60 Smart Phone App Review

Downloading and pairing the App with the GO-FIND is as simple an operation as with any smart phone app. The one extra step was pairing my phone to the detector via the blue tooth capability. That too was a simple and flawless process—once I remembered to enable the blue tooth on my iPhone!  Within a few seconds, my phone was...

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Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Field Test Report

I had a chance to run the popular Garrett Ace 350 through its paces in our part of central Florida on the land, fresh water and saltwater beaches and provide my thoughts to the Kellyco crew.  I'm sure my  report will come as no surprise to devoted Ace 350 fans but for those looking to get into the hobby with their first machine, they won't go wrong in choosing Garrett's Ace 350—it's truly a solid performer...

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Fisher F44 Metal Detector with 7x11" DD Search Coil Field Test Report

I took the F44 for another spin on a saltwater beach but this time using the 7x11 DD coil and in a phrase, “big improvement!”  The difference from the stock coil was significantly obvious in terms of overall performance on a wet salt beach and in the surf.  After stabilizing it with proper manually adjusted ground balance set at 00 and sensitivity settings between 17-18, I was able to detect the target quarter at depths 2 - 2.5 times deeper than with the stock coil previously tested!   The sensitivity and separation capability was also improved...

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Fisher F44 Metal Detector Field Test Report

This field test was designed to evaluate the F44 strictly from the user standpoint and was never intended as a metrics driven technical analysis. Secondly, the results, as with any detector undergoing field testing, reflect and are dependent upon the specific test environment, particularly where the level of mineralization in the soil, sand and water is concerned...

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