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Kellyco Audio 200 Headphones

Sku: 145-200
Retail: $89.95

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Now Only: $59.46

Your Metal Detector Signals Never Sounded So Good!

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Kellyco Audio 200 Headphones
Your Metal Detector Signals Never Sounded So Good!

Your Metal Detector Signals Never Sounded So Good! Designed, tested and approved for ALL top level metal detectors. Adjustable headband with left and right side ear cups with individual volume controls along with stereo and mono switch. Mylar ear cups enhance weak signals produced by deep targets. Thin wire receptors captures signals. Coiled phone cable gives you trouble-free detecting.

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Only Worked One Time

Review by John B on October 08, 2014

I got these headphones as a part of a package with my Ace 250. Stopped working after the first time in the field. I did not abuse them in any way. I am using a small set of headphones with volume adjustment for the time being.

Detecting on & off 40+ years. Many machines s

Review by Stewart B on September 09, 2014

For the price even at 89.95 worth it. Headphones like these will give you more finds lower cost detector and higher dollar defectors. This is the set you will find in your new Minelab Safari or this was in my new machine. On any make and model of detectors I think these will give you more low tones you would miss with other headphones.
Why? The extra switch for stereo or mono. Stereo will not pick up that deeper larger piece of gold, ring or deeper larger nugget that is so very slight.

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