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Garrett Ace 250 Sports Package Metal Detector

Sku: 14-1139050
Retail: $349.95
Now Only: $297.45
(or $20.00 bi-weekly)*
with 6.5x9" & 9x12" Search Coils‌ Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Availability: In stock

$280.05 in Free Accessories

Garrett Ace 250 Sports Package Metal Detector
with 6.5x9" & 9x12" Search Coils‌ Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories

Kellyco is proud to carry one of Garrett’s most popular, easy-to-use and affordable metal detectors - the Ace 250! This is the most advanced metal detector in the world renowned Ace series and known as a "coin magnet"! The 250 is affordable, fun, easy-to-use and yet has plenty of features to keep your excited about metal detecting for years to come! Made from the high quality materials that we’ve come to expect from Garrett Metal Detectors, this machine features a large LCD screen you will be able to easily adjust. A clear and audible target identification will let you hear treasures while a graphic target identification will put them right before your eyes! Full range notch discrimination, pinpointing capability, sensitivity and depth adjustments will keep you busy and make sure you leave no treasure unfound! The Ace series was made to perform and provide the perfect metal detector for beginning metal detectorists, those looking to upgrade, and old pros!


  • Frequency : 6.5 kHz
  • Warranty : 2 Year Limited
  • Total Weight : 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)
  • Audio : Built-in External Speaker and Headphone Jack
  • Sensitivity Control : 8 Adjustment Levels for Changing Ground Conditions
  • Discrimination Control : Eliminate or Tune Out "Junk" and Unwanted Targets
  • Digital Target ID : Offers Increased Ability to Distinguish One Target’s Conductivity from Another

Factory Included Accessories:
  • Hardware Set
  • Arm Rest Strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • 9x12" Search Coil
  • 6.5x9" Search Coil

Additional Information

Manufacturer Garrett
SKU 14-1139050
Factory Included Accessories
  • Hardware Set
  • Arm Rest Strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • 9x12" Search Coil
  • 6.5x9" Search Coil
Warranty Yes
Detector Type All-Purpose
Search Coil Type Concentric
Search Coil Size (in) 6.5" x 9", 9" x 12"
Search Coil Shape Elliptical
Search Coil Build Open
Waterproof Search Coil Yes
Interchangeable Search Coil Yes
Technology VLF Single Frequency
Arm Rest Fixed
Arm Rest Strap Yes
Adjustable Shaft Yes
Assembled Length Max (in) 51
Assembled Length Min (in) 42
Apps None
Audio Tones Yes
Depth Indication Yes
Control Box Mount Standard
Frequencies 6.5 kHz
Number of Frequencies 1
Programmable Target Id Yes
Target Id Segments 12
Target Id Yes
Threshold No
Discrimination Adjustable
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Ground Balance Fixed
Vibration Mode No
Search Modes 6
Search Mode Types All Metal, Coins, Custom, Jewelry, Pinpoint, Relics
Search Flashlight No
Display Type LCD
Backlit Display No
Volume Control No
Headphone Jack 1/4"
Bluetooth Compatible No
Interchangeable Headphones Yes
Battery Type AA
Battery Quantity 4
Battery Life (hr) 15 to 20 Hours
Rechargeable System No
Exclusive Features One Touch Treasure Hunting

Garrett Ace 250 Sports Package Metal Detector

Who Said You Can't Build an Affordable Metal Detector
That Has All of the Exciting Technology You Love?

Announcing the new, features-loaded, ACE 250 Sports Package Metal Detector. With 40 years of engineering prowess behind it and a head-turning, sporty, outdoor design, this machine was made to perform for the 21st century treasure hunter. But don't be fooled, this detector doesn’t win first in class on looks alone! It's as new on the inside as it is on the outside.

Loaded with full-range notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, graphic target ID and touch-n-go technology, the Garrett ACE 250 is the finest metal detector in its class.It also comes with a graphic target ID cursor with 12 element GTA notch discrimination of greater accuracy, "Coin Depth" Mode, Tone ID, 8 Sensitivity Settings, 5 pre-set hunting modes, and the most advanced LCD graphic screen for quick and easy visual target ID.

The ACE 250 is the most desirable machine of its kind on the market. It's brawny, rugged good looks even inspired Garrett to design the ACE Series accessory line. Everything from bags, caps, and hunting aprons, to digging tools and visors, and earphones - you can be the treasure hunting ACE you were destined to become!

Of course you’d never expect a detector with this price tag to offer so much greatness. Just one more reason, you need the ACE 250. So hold on tight, the ACE 250 will take you on the treasure hunting adventure of your life!

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Frequency : 6.5 kHz
  • Weight : 2.7 lbs (1.2 kgs)
  • 6.5x9" & 9x12" PROformance Search Coils
  • 3 Audio Tone ID Levels
  • Length : 42" - 51" Adjustable
  • Headphone Jack : 1/4" in Size
  • 12 Target ID Cursor Segments
  • 2 Iron Discrimination Segments
  • 8 Sensitivity / Depth Adjustments
  • 4-AA Battery Operation (batteries included)
  • 3-Piece Travel / Storage: Disassembles to 24"
  • Search Modes : 5 Plus Electronic Pinpointing
    • Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Custom, All Metal, Pinpoint


  • Adjustable Arm Cuff
  • Interchangeable ACE Series Search Coils : Are Available
  • Notch Discrimination : To Modify Discrimination Patterns
  • Battery Condition Indicator : Shows Battery Life Continually
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator : To Determine Target Depth
  • Expanded Target ID Legend : Easy-To-Read Above Large LCD Screen
  • Electronic Pinpointing : To Precisely Locate Target and Speed Recovery
  • Push Button Controls : With One-Touch Operation Automatically Reset to Factory (or your) Settings, Automatically Adjusted for Ground Minerals, and you are Ready to Search!


Whether replacing an old detector or buying for the first time, choosing the right metal detector should be easy. That's why Garrett provides you with this important information that will empower you to make an informed decision about the technology, features and options you need to be a successful treasure hunter. Carefully consider this chart and the pages of this Buyer's Guide to learn more about the many options available in today's Garrett detectors.

Garrett ACE Comparison Chart

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Excellent Detector

Review by Zerick H on February 17, 2014

The Garrett Ace 250 is an excellent detector. I was looking to upgrade my detector and had done quite a bit of research before making any purchases. The 250 had the best bang for your buck. With all the features I was looking for. Pinpointing, discrimination, different search modes. Within using it for a few hours in my own yard I found silver coins. A great machine for coins. I purchased the sports package that came with two coils. I have found the smaller coil to come in very handy when in trashier areas. Plus with all the free accessories Kellyco offers it's the complete package, and best deal.

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Ace 250 Sports Package