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Detech 10x5" SEF WSS Coil (White's DFX / MXT / M6 / MX5)

Sku: 134-10X5WSSW
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10x5" Search Coil from Detech, Compatible with White’s MXT, M6, MX5 and DFX. Includes Coil Cover

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Detech 10x5" SEF WSS Search Coil (White's MXT / M6 / MX5 / DFX)
10x5" Search Coil from Detech, Compatible with White’s MXT, M6, MX5 and DFX. Includes Coil Cover

This SEF WSS is a new series of the famed EXcelerator SEF line of search coils. This wide scan SEF WSS coil is an extreme design that will offer extremely good sensitivity to very small targets, which makes it useful for all types of coin shooting, as well as for beach combing and nugget hunting. The WSS designed coil will give you very precise ground balance and discrimination so it will operate perfectly on even the most contaminated soils. You will get incredible exact pinpointing, extremely stable operation too.

This coil is designed to operate in a wide temperature range from -4° to +150° Fahrenheit. Very light weight construction about 8 ounces depending on model. All WSS SEF coils come with an included coil cover. Made from a very high quality material in black. This coil fits White’s DFX, MXT, M6 and MX5 metal detectors. *A coil cover is included with this search coil.

Detech 10x5" SEF WSS Search Coil (White's MXT / M6 / MX5 / DFX)


  • 10x5" in Diameter
  • Coil Cover Included
  • Compatible with White’s MXT, M6, MX5 and DFX Detectors
  • Provides Very Precise Ground Balance and Discrimination even in the Toughest Soils

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Killer Coil on the MX5

Review by Matt B on April 07, 2015

The stock 9" coil on the MX5 is good for all around hunting. I found it lacking though when used at salt water beaches. I was torn between the 10x5 SEF WSS and the 13" Ultimate Coil. Because I only hunt the beach part of the time I decided on the 10x5 SEF WSS. Now I have a larger size DD coil for hunting parks and tight places to go along with my Eclipse Shooter 4x6 DD coil.

First test day in a local park I found the usual clad, a small heart shaped charm, and a pink ribbon breast cancer pin. MX5 was in coin mode, zero down notched out on the discriminate, and sensitivity at 8 out of 10. Second try at the Isle of Palms beach today I found a silver charm, about the size of a nickel in wet sand about 6 inches deep. Sounded like a nickel but the meter was reading 45. Solid sound though, no breaking up like trash. Hit a quarter in wet sand that had to be 10 inches deep. Was running beach mode, 8 on the sensitivity and again zero down notched out on the discriminate. Tried running it wide open on the sensitivity and the MX5 still was very stable in beach mode. Pin point is pretty much dead center of the coil.

For the way I hunt I have to say this coil is a winner and worth every penny.

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