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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector

Metal Detector for Kids
Is there a budding little detectorist in your life?
This detector is a favorite for children 12 and under.
tracker iv metal detector

Need the perfect metal detector to get your kids interested in your favorite hobby? Look no further! The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is the perfect machine for youngsters who want to be treasure hunters!

The Tracker IV is easily the most lightweight and simplistic metal detector on the market today. With only two adjustable knobs, an LED battery-warning light and an analog target indicator meter, this metal detector will give any youngster a taste of treasure hunting without having to fork over a treasure!

It features only two different hunting modes and has automatic ground balancing to keep you from getting frustrated with settings while two distinct audio tones will alert you to the different metals buried underground.

Ideal for any environment, the Tracker IV's 8" searchcoil can be taken into damp grass and even shallow water or puddles. The searchcoil is waterproof but the case and case-to-cable connection is not.

Features and Specifications