Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505
Metal Detector
with 8" Open Search Coil

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Was This Metal Detector Meant to be a Secret?

After two years of trying to obtain this outstanding metal detector, we have finally secured a few hundred that are brand new and in special boxes. We're not sure if we can obtain anymore at these discounted prices. Buy now at our introductory price.

Hit the treasure trail with the Professional Series Pioneer 505 metal detector and leave others eating your dust! The Pioneer 505 metal detector must be one of the best kept secrets out there. You just can't find a better, all-purpose metal detector for all kinds of deep treasures. Minutes after assembling your Pioneer 505, you can get out and start finding coins, gold and silver rings, artifacts and more. It's one of the best all-purpose metal detectors for its price.

With many standard metal detectors, you spend time adjusting controls to get the best performance and, if the settings aren't right, you will definitely get bad results. The Pioneer 505 solves all this. Its automatic features let you just turn it on and immediately start hunting. And with the Pioneer 505, you get features few other detector offers - at a price that may surprise you.

Auto-Notch Leads you to the coins!

A unique automatic "windowing" system called Auto-notch automatically rejects most common forms of trash. The Pioneer 505 indicates and shows you the most common coins, even most nickels and accompanying small gold rings, which are lost on many other metal detectors. Targets indicate clearly on the Visual LCD Target Identification meter display. This is all easy to do, with a simple push of a touch-pad!

Adjustable Notch Mode

A very unique adjustable notch mode allows the treasure hunter to adjust to a higher level of trash rejection without losing nickels and small gold items. With the Pioneer 505 you can hunt in high-trash sites simultaneously rejecting the trash without missing many of the smaller, gold targets!

Deep target audio response -- keeps you on the right track.

Here is yet another feature from the Pioneer 505 that pays big returns. With many other detectors, audio volume decreases with increasing target depth. That means you can miss a target - especially when you're hunting in noisy ground conditions. Deep target audio response keeps the Pioneer 505's audio signal at peak strength, right down to the deepest target. While others are listening or missing faint whispers, you hear full-volume; distinct signals that lead you to the treasure. You also have three distinct audio tones which classify detected targets into categories to make target recovery even easier.

Highly Accurate Target Identification Meter

The Pioneer 505's very accurate Target Identification system will help you identify many of the coins and rings buried in the ground. Special Multiple Target ID segments makes it even easier and faster to recover your treasure finds!

It's a Snap to operate.

The Pioneer 505 is a sophisticated detector, but it's also easy to operate, even for the novice. The easy-to-read coin target ID and depth reading LCD meter gives you critical information at a glance. The rugged housing resists impact and hard use, and the whole family can get involved!

No where can a better dollar value be found than in Bounty Hunters Pioneer 505. The Pioneer 505 gives you big performance and top of the line features found only on detectors costing hundreds more. And, if that isn't enough, the Pioneer 505 Has a new D-Tech high performance search coil that even the most expensive detectors don't have.

The Pioneer 505 is the perfect metal detector for beginners and is also great for old pros. Lightweight and a breeze to operate; you can now hit the treasure trail with confidence knowing the Pioneer 505 will find all the treasures - coins, rings, jewelry, relics, artifacts and more!

Why did they add a 4" Search coil to the Pioneer 505 Professional?

Bounty Hunter 4 inch coil A most outstanding search coil used to find coins in trashy areas where larger search coils simply do not work well. Larger search coils locate multiple trash targets tuning out single treasures. The 4 inch search coil efficiently separates targets tuning out and eliminating unwanted trash while still indicating most good treasures. Larger search coils find it difficult to be used in tight spots. The 4 inch search coil can easily slide through plants, shrubbery, roots, and can be used close to metal buildings, under grandstands, and sidewalks. The 4 inch search coil is outstanding for finding smaller items like thin rings, small gold items, and even gold nuggets.

  • Deepest Seeking Detection
    • Detect large objects up to 5 feet deep. Coins up to 11 inches deep
    • Sees through solid rock, dirt, mud, sand, cement and water. If it is there, Bounty Hunter will find it.
  • 5 Modes of operation
    • No-Motion All-Metals/Pinpoint
    • Motion All-Metals
    • Discrimination
    • Notch
    • Auto Notch
  • Automatic and Manual Ground Trac
    • Sees through the earth's naturally occurring minerals
    • Automatically scans the soil in the Motion Modes and continuously adjusts to changing soil conditions.
    • Lets user control the Ground Balance function in No-Motion Mode, for specialized detecting applications
  • LCD Depth Reading Meter:
    • Real depth indicator displays depth of coin sized objects in inches
  • 4 Level, Progressive Iron Discrimination
    • Tune out small ferrous items while still detecting valuable iron relics and collectibles
  • Target Identificationz
    • Change modes quickly and easily
  • 3-Tone Target Identification
    • Different types of metals induce different tones. Low tone for iron, nickel and small gold.
    • Medium tone for zinc, large gold and most trash
    • High tone silver and copper
  • Full Discrimination and Notching Capability
    • Disc/Notch control allows user to detect or reject a range of metals
    • You decide what to detect and which unwanted metals to ignore
    • Easy to operate (no tools needed)
    • Operating frequency 6.8 Khz
    • Super lightweight: 2.8 lbs
    • Operates with two 9 volt batteries (not included)
    • Five year limited warranty
    • Made in the USA
You get much more when you buy your Bounty Hunter metal detector from KELLYCO Metal Detector Superstore!