Pilot Metal Detectors
with D-Tech 725 Search Coil

Bounty Hunter Pilot Search CoilKellyco is proud to introduce an all new addition to metal detecting – 1st Texas' Pilot metal detector with the new D-Tech 725 search coil. This new 1st Texas metal detector is a perfect mid-level machine that has the features of metal detectors costing hundreds of dollars more – it's built to "lead you to treasure!"

"Pilot is a real Money Machine when it comes to locating coins from small dimes to silver dollars"!

Very few detectors have an interchangeable search coil system, but the Pilot flies above the rest, providing more options than many other metal detectors in its price range. Each Pilot comes standard with a D-Tech 725 search coil that is highly sensitive to smaller treasures such as gold jewelry, diamond rings, and older coins, while still delivering deep search technology.

The 725 coil also boasts a hotter signal sent through the transmitter winding, which is guaranteed to give a clear signal even for coins buried on their edge! And because the coil is completely waterproof, you can take this detector into the shallow surf and lake water! Other coil sizes are available in the accessory section of our website. Find small baby rings, wedding bands, ladies rings with precious stones and more!

Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Display Screen!

The Pilot features a large, easy-to-read LCD display screen to enhance your confidence while you're in the field; know when to dig and when to pass over those pesky pull-tabs! The internal micro-processor will continuously filter out unwanted trash targets, plus you have four discrimination segments that will digitally identify treasures such as gold, coins, silver, etc. Finding treasures could never be easier!

Pinpointing is a Snap!

Pinpointing is also a snap with the Pilot. No push buttons are in the way to be accidentally pushed – simply make an "X" pattern over the target you've detected and the built in pinpointer is Bull's Eye sharp, and will sound off! This allows you to find treasure quickly and easily.

No Headphones Needed!

No headphones are required with the built-in external loud speaker that features a three tone Audio Target Identification. A bass tone, mid range tone and high tone will help you quickly know when to dig!

The best part of the 1st Texas Pilot is that it's built to last – let friends, family, and children borrow it: It's easy-to-use and can take anything! All stems are made from strong aircraft grade aluminum and the arm-rest is padded for comfort. With a five year warranty your concerns just disappear.

  • Four Segment Digital Target Identification
  • Easy View LCD Meter
  • D-Tech 725 Waterproof High Sensitively Search Coil with Easy "Bull's Eye" pinpointing
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • One Touch Depth Control
  • Push Button Discrimination
  • Extra Loud Built-In Speaker
  • Three Tone Audio Target Identification System
  • Fully Automatic Squelch-Tech Ground Balance
  • Fully Automatic Micro-Processor Tuning
  • Padded Arm-Rest
  • Comfort Hand-Grip
  • Adjustable Aluminum Stem
  • Requires [2] 9-volt batteries [batteries not included]
  • Operating Frequency: 7.0 kHz.
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited Five Year
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