Bounty Hunter Land Star Metal Detector

You get much more when you buy your Bounty Hunter metal detector from KELLYCO Metal Detector Superstore!

Powerful yet affordable. Detect gold, silver, coins, and rare relics with pinpoint accuracy. LCD readout of target and depth. You set the notch to reject the items you want, or let Land Star "Auto Notch" for you. With three tone audio discrimination, unique Ground Trac retune, and no-motion all metals detection. Land Star is a star treasure hunter

Your Bounty Hunter Land Star is designed to be effective in all areas of treasure hunting. Coin-shooting, relic hunting, and gold nugget shooting are some of the many ways your detector can be utilized. With the electronically advanced Land Star metal detector and practice you will achieve a level of expertise making the hobby of metal detecting very rewarding.

This mid-priced model boasts more features than other detectors costing far more.  Land Star breaks new ground in precision engineering and ease of use.  It uses the unique BOUNTY D-Tech open face search-coil for powerful sounding, teamed with advanced microprocessor electronics for accuracy and control.  Add to that a large, multi-function LCD readout and intuitive touch-pad control, and you've got a metal detector that's equally at home relic-hunting, coin shooting, or gold prospecting.  You set the notch to reject the items you choose, or let Land Star "Auto Notch" for you.  With three-tone audio discrimination and unique Ground Trac retune, Land Star is a star treasure hunter.  In fact, Land Star can detect coins buried up to 12 inches deep!  All backed by Bounty Hunter's ironclad five-year limited warranty.

Detector Type: VLF
Detector Uses: Coin Shooting & Relic Hunting
Retune: Auto
Sensitivity: Adjustable
Threshold: Factory Preset
Ground Balance: Auto / Manual
Hi Frequency: 6.6
Search Coil Size: 8
Search Coil Shape: Round
Search Coil Wiring: Concentric
Weighs 3.5 lbs

bountyhunter.gif (2295 bytes)LCD target ID & depth with three tone audio discrimination and motion or no motion all metal modes, manual ground balance, Ground Trac Retune, full range notch discrimination and much more. This detector will find gold, silver, coins & valuable relics with true accuracy virtually anywhere.

The Land Star is a powerful metal detecting system offering tremendous versatility with two distinct systems integrated into one: No-Motion mode and an Auto Notch Discrimination. In the No-Motion mode, metal objects will cause the detector to sound off when the target is under the search coil. With this technology, motion is not required to detect a target. The Auto Notch Discrimination is a fully automatic discrimination mode that allows the operator turn-on-and-hunt discrimination.

You get much more when you buy your Bounty Hunter metal detector from KELLYCO Metal Detector Superstore!