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At Kellyco, we work hard to give you more bang for your buck. That’s why we’ve introduced our amazing Big Bonus BOGO offer*. If you’re buying a detector, why not grab a free pinpointer or backup metal detector at a ridiculously low price?
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It’s Simple, Here’s How It Works:

We’ve chosen our most popular metal detectors and broken the savings into three categories.
This means you have a wide variety of options to choose from, at a fraction of their already LOW sale prices.
Some are even free:

  1. Detectors $1,000 or more - Select one BOGO item from Column 1, including a FREE Detector or FREE Pinpointer
    (or at absolute, rock-bottom prices!)
  2. Detectors $500 to $999.99 - Choose one BOGO item from Column 2 (at huge savings from the current sale prices!)
  3. Detectors $299.95 to $499.99 - Choose one BOGO item from Column 3 (discounted from our already low prices!)

No matter how much you spend or which detector you choose,
Kellyco’s BOGO sale lets you pay just pennies on the dollar!

Here's What to Do Next:
  1. Add a qualifying metal detector to your shopping cart.
  2. View your shopping cart and select your free or super-discounted BOGO metal detector or accessory.
  3. Check out. It’s that easy!
Special BOGO Sale Prices Column 1: Column 2: Column 3:
Every Metal Detector on Sale For: $1000.00 + $500.00 - $999.99 $299.95 - $499.99
Get any one of the items below for: Lowest discounts off the already
Lower discounts off the already
Low Discounts off the already
Bounty Hunter PinPointer
  Retail Price $69.00
FREE! $15.96 $34.97
Bounty Hunter VLF
  Retail Price $99.95
FREE! $30.96 $39.97
Bounty Hunter Gold Digger
  Retail Price $99.00
$25.00 $35.96 $45.97
1st Texas Pilot
  Retail Price $250.00
$40.00 $50.96 $60.97
MP3 Pro Multi Power
  Retail Price $600.00
$45.00 $55.96 $75.97
MPX Multi Power
  Retail Price $700.00
$55.00 $75.96 $110.97
 NEW Kellyco Realtree Camo Jacket
  Retail Price $139.99
$65.00 $75.96 $85.97
Pioneer 505 with 8" Coil
  Retail Price $450.00
$80.00 $110.96 $139.97
Pioneer 505 Pro - 8" and 4" coils
  Retail Price $500.00 (2 coils)
$90.00 $139.96 $159.97
Titan 9000 Pro
  Retail Price $698.95
$130.00 $149.96 $169.97
 NEW Treasure Commander TC2X
  Retail Price $500.00
$170.00 $185.96 $205.97
Viper Trident
  Retail Price $999.95
$140.00 $170.96 $185.97
Cobra Land Beach & Water
  Retail Price $1,000.00
$150.00 $180.96 $190.97

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  • *This promotion is subject to withdrawal, cancellation, or change without notice.

  • Prices may vary due to manufacturers’ Minimum Advertised Pricing policies.

  • All BOGO items will be subject to FedEx standard rate shipping charges based on weight and destination.

  • All BOGO items will be sent as factory shipped – Kellyco free accessory packages are not
    included with BOGO items.

  • BOGO items are considered promotional material and should be returned along with any qualifying primary detector. If you return your primary detector but keep your BOGO item, the retail price of the unreturned BOGO item will be deducted from your refund amount.

  • BOGO Shopping Cart Info:
    If you change your mind about your selection AFTER you’ve added a qualifying detector to your shopping cart and selected a BOGO item, remove the BOGO item from the shopping cart BEFORE you add a different qualifying detector to your cart.