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Blisstool Metal Detectors are the forerunners of new generation of highly advanced "no nonsense" metal detectors. Blisstool LTC64X V3 Dated June 2013 is an ultra modern professional type metal detector designed to work on all types of terrain including highly mineralized soil, even soils with high content of ore and still maintain perfect depth and discrimination. The new LTC64X Is outstanding for it’s high quality, EASY USERS adjustment and minimal maintenance, making this metal detector very suitable for beginners and experienced searchers alike.

Blisstool LTC64X is considered to be one of the best deep detecting metal detectors by LTC64X V3 users throughout the world especially when it comes to metal detectors using Induction Balance and VLF Technology. IB Technology is considered one of the deepest type of detection devices as is very low frequency. This detector is loaded with exclusive features such as high detection speed and high recovery speed, manual and automatic ground balance plus the all important discrimination switch that effectively lets you set what targets you want to find and what you want to reject. It even has audio discrimination so the user can recognize even the weakest (and deepest) signals of deeply buried treasures.

Blisstool metal detectors are Custom Made with all component parts individually linked to all other parts using high quality equipment presently used in robotics. An American engineer who recently visited the factory said it can be compared to building a Rolls Royce automobile by hand. A good example are the search coils used on the LTC64X. Each individual search coil regardless of size is expertly tuned and matched to a specific detector using a PDS (Perfect Delivery System) resulting in a deeper more sensitive and dependable coil. This is a metal detector that can deliver on it's promises!

Kellyco promises to take your detector back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked!

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Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Combo
Comes w/: Standard 28cm (11") DD search coil and 38cm (15") DD search coil w/ Extra Stem.
Retail $1,528.00
NOW ONLY $899.00
Total Package Savings: 51%
Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Std.
All terrain metal detectors w/ extreme depth, and sensitivity. Comes w/ 28cm 11" DD Search Coil
Retail $1,199.00
NOW ONLY $950.00
Total Package Savings: 29%
V3 Combo
Now with FREE Accessories
Value: $309.80
Why Buy The LTC64 V3 Combo?
98.4 percent of Blisstool buyers choose the Combo with two search coils. The added 15 inch search coil lets you cover more ground in less time when detecting plus adds greater depth to find more valuable treasures. To add the 15 inch coil ($300-$359) to the Standard model at a later date, you would need to send your detector to the Service center to have the15 inch coil perfectly tuned to your detector. It is not a warranty issue and requires a minimum service charge of $65 plus shipping both ways ($35-$45).
Combo Pack Gives You More Value For Your Money!
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