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Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Combo
Comes w/ Standard 28cm (11") DD search coil and 38cm (15") DD search coil w/ Extra Stem
Retail $1,528.00
NOW ONLY $ 899 .00
Total Package Savings: 51%
Why Buy The LTC64XV3 Combo?
98.4 percent of Blisstool buyers choose the Combo with two search coils. The added 15 inch search coil lets you cover more ground in less time when detecting plus adds greater depth to find more valuable treasures. To add the 15 inch coil ($300-$359) to the Standard model at a later date, you would need to send your detector to the Service center to have the15 inch coil perfectly tuned to your detector. It is not a warranty issue and requires a minimum service charge of $65 plus shipping both ways ($35-$45).
Combo Pack Gives You More Value For Your Money!
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