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Aqua Pulse Beach & Water Metal Detector

The most versatile, rugged and reliable beach/underwater dive metal detector available!

Aqua Pulse AQ1B Metal Detector Why do so many professional beach combers and underwater divers prefer pulse induction? The answer is simple, to get maximum depth on all gold and silver treasure targets including rings and jewelry without any loss of detection range in the high conductive minerals found in most if not all saltwater beach locations.

All types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be detected with the Aqua pulse, again without any noticeable depth loss even in the worst mineralized soil conditions and this even applies to dry land minerals. You even have some discrimination abilities when using this detector. There is an additional control on the detector that can be used to reject surface clutter such and pull tabs, cigarette foil etc..

The entire range of fully submersible search coils from 8 inches to 15 inches in diameter can be used with the Aqua Pulse making it an extremely versatile beach and dive detector and therefore will enhance its versatility for all types of buried Gold and Silver treasure targets. Why have two different detectors when you can simply change the search coils.

This metal detector has very good pinpointing too, making the task of locating the target fast and simple. Pin pointing is important when you are locating those deep buried Gold or silver targets and it could not be easier with the Aqua Pulse.

Durability is one of the main design features of this powerful Pulse Induction metal detector. Nothing has been left to chance when it comes to holding up in a harsh salt or fresh water type environment. The main control housing is made from a super strong material that will not corrode or flex under all conditions. Robust O-ring design in both the controllers and the main body seal are overdesigned to prevent any leaks.


*Aqua Pulse AQ1B Sample Detection Range:
Coil US 25 Cents Medium Silver Coin 175 Gram Lead Large Silver Coin
8" Coil 13.5" 12.2" 20.7" 18"
10" Coil 14.6" 13.6" 24" 18.8"
15" Coil 16.2" 15" 31" 21.5"

*The given sample detection ranges are for comparison purposes only.

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