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Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting in fresh and salt water is one of the fastest growing segments of the metal detecting hobby. Lucky people who water detect are always coming back from a day of metal detecting with coin pouches filled with all denomination of coins, but even better than coins are the valuable rings that are found in the same area. Why so many rings? Pretty simple answer," most people rub sun tan lotion on their bodies to protect themselves from the sun. The first time those people enter the cooler water, their skin contracts and any ring that was not exceptionally tight on their finger might easily slide off without them even noticing it. People who play Frisbee and touch football easily manage to throw their rings right off their fingers while necklaces get torn off in the excitement of the games.. And all the people who take off their rings, watches and jewelry and put their valuables in their purse or pants pocket then turn the pants upside down to get the sand off, while the purse opens and spills out valuables when they get up to leave. All the above is TRUE!!!!!! Take it from a water hunter, you cannot imagine how much more you can find with a professional quality water detector. Best of all, fewer people metal detect in the water. That means less competition. And beaches get replenished every day by more beach goers who lose more valuables for you to find. Have fun, find coins, rings, gold jewelry, watches and more with Aquascan Metal Detectors.

Which Search Coil should you choose?

Eight inch coil, the smaller of the two sizes is pretty much a medium size coil. It is an excellent choice for all around use on land or in water. It is excellent in high trash areas as it may pick through trash targets easier. It can also get into tighter corners that larger coils cannot, and it will pick up smaller targets that may be missed by larger diameter coils such as the ten inch coil.

The ten inch coil will go as much as 20% deeper than the 8 inch coil to find more valuable targets and can easily search more ground than the smaller eight inch coil. It may pick up multiple trash targets but should be able to reject or bypass them. Because of the larger search pattern, larger coils may, (not always) bypass tiny baby rings and/or thin ear rings closer to the surface. Go deeper-search more ground with a ten inch coil.

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Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B w/ 8" Submersible Coil
comes w/ Headphones (Land Use Only)
Retail $1,999.00
NOW ONLY $1,760.00
Total Package Savings: 12%
Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B w/ 8" Submersible Coil
Select any one of three different headphones
Retail $2,019.00
NOW ONLY $1,820.00
Total Package Savings: 17%
Aquascan Aquapulse AQ1B w/ 10" Submersible Coil
Select any one of three different headphones
Retail $2,039.00
NOW ONLY $1,850.00
Total Package Savings: 16%
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