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Simmons Scientific

Precision Master Rod Long Range Treasure Seeker

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Cat# 778-PMR

In the Precision-Master Rod, a small amount of a special radioactive mineral ore is used to stimulate the crystals in the power tube. Reports from customers on this instrument are enthusiastic and say they get a strong reaction when using it. Our field tests have given very favorable results and we feel that it is a substantial improvement over the Universal Antenna Rod and other competitors’ equipment. However, the most important factor is getting a strong dowsing reaction in order to allow you to close in on the exact location of your target quickly and accurately. The difference will be immediately obvious when you compare the Precision-Master Rod with the performance of equipment made by any other manufacturer. The Precision-Master Rod is operated much like the Universal Antenna Rod. To operate the Precision-Master Rod with the bearing handle, hold it as shown in the picture, antenna fully extended and with a sample of the metal or mineral you are searching for in the sample chamber. You may adjust the antenna length according to whether you want to find nearby or distant targets.  When you use the Precision-Master Rod with the low-friction bearing handle, the instrument can swing freely in the direction of your sought-after treasure or mineral deposit. When you think you have found the location of your target, shorten the antenna to see if the instrument will operate in a circular pattern over the top of the target. When using the 24" fiber handles, hold them as shown in the picture and turn slowly in a complete circle, and notice whether the instrument dips or pulls down as you face a particular direction. This instrument can be used to search for gold, silver, diamonds, lead, copper, mercury, or any other metal or mineral. Since the radioactive mineral ore is present in only a tiny amount, no radiation hazard exists to either the operator or bystander. The Precision-Master Rod is a sensitive and accurate dowsing instrument. To the best of our knowledge, the PMR series are the only dowsing instruments to use a radioactive source to stimulate the crystal load of the power tube. No serious treasure hunter or prospector will want to be without this instrument or one of the others of the PMR series, once he’s tried it.

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