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Whites Super 12 Spider Loop
Powerful new Super 12" concentric (DFX, MXT, M6) enhances the deep-seeking ability of E-Series detectors. Deep detecting to find those deeper, older, more valuable treasures.

List Price $249.95 • Sale Price $219.95

KEN WHITE on the new Super 12...
" I asked one of our engineers, John Earle, if he could engineer a lightweight, high-performance
spider-type epoxy-filled 12" coil. John said , That will be Tough, but he did it and the results speak for themselves."

Field Test...

Whites Super12 Search CoilToday I received the new Super 12 White's coil and was fortunate the weather was beautiful and timing was perfect as I had a new lead to check out.  My neighbor Ken had told me this winter that he had 36 acres about 20 miles from our home which use to have an old homesite on it.  He said it was torn down sometime back in the late 1800's and there is a hill at the back of the property which was used for sledding.  I couldn't wait for nice weather to arrive and for Ken to be able to show me the area and today was that day! 

We arrived at the property at 2 pm and Ken showed me where he thought the house had been.  He had another appointment and couldn't stay around and be bored watching me detect as he put it.  I got out my DFX with the new Super 12 concentric coil on it. I use all tones as this really helps me know what's in the ground without having to check the meter constantly.  I was getting plenty of iron sounds when I finally got a higher tone which turned out to be a small buckle from about 6 inches deep.  This 12 inch coil pinpoints exactly like the stock White's 9.5 coil.  The coil is light at only 19 ozs. with cover.  It is a very stable coil which I was hoping it would be.  The id is also the same as the 9.5 coil.  I hunted in the field for about an hour with no more luck except a few rusted large items like an axe head.  I decided to head for the sledding hill.

I started at the base and started working my way up the slope when I got my first signal of about 5Whites Super12 Search Coil 2 yards up the slope.  It was a solid 89 and was coming in loud.  I dug only 4 inches a popped out a pewter(I think) ornamental type what is it thing.  It had designs on it and it looked to be a keeper so in the keeper pouch it went.  I hunted this slope for more then an hour with not one more signal.  The soil was very damp and mostly sand and thought for sure there had to be some coins here.  I had to think that because it was very sandy that maybe the coins had sunk beyond reach?  I failed to ask Ken how he knew it was used for sledding anyway.  I finally worked my way to the top where there was a large pine tree and this is where I received my next signal.  The numbers were bouncing around in the mid 70's to high 80's but were a solid tone.  I started digging and got to 6 inches and the signal was still coming from the hole.  I dug some more and got to about 10 inches and got out my probe.  I felt the vibration of the probe and reached in a pulled out two coins.  I couldn't believe my eyes as I just found my fourth ever Large Cent an 1851.  The other coin was a 1912 V nickel.  It seemed strange that these two coins were together in the same hole with the span of years.  My guess is maybe the nickel was above the cent or off to the side.  I can only speculate but I will take this find any day!  I was amazed at the condition of the two coins and knew it was because this was sandy soil with very little dirt mix.  When I find V nickels I usually can't read the date and they are horrible looking.  I can see everything on this V right out of the hole!  I searched the top of the slope for another half hour with no more finds except a shell case and a 1972 quarter.  Maybe a hunter who lost a quarter was my first thought.  My day was nearing an end as I had to get home and take the wife out to dinner so I packed up and headed home.  I will definitely be detecting this area again in the near future.

My first impressions of this coil after using it on one hunt is, its a keeper.  I got good depth out of it as those two coins from 10 inches came in very loud.  I will have to get in a more trashy area to see how well it separates.  I guess I can say I was lucky as there was hardly any trash on this property.  I looked around trying to find where the trash dump was and had no success.  I always enjoy digging old glass too. 

Finds with Super 12This White's Super 12 concentric coil should prove to be the coil for the person who wants a little more coverage and more depth out of their DFX, MXT or M6 detector.  This coil is well made and I felt no fatigue for the time I was swinging it.  White's has always been known for their quality products and this one is just that, quality.

Field Test Results...
  • 25% to 30% DEEPER!!
  • Increased my MXT sensitivity!
  • Super 12 was at least 25% more effective!
  • DFX-25% improvement MXT & M6-15% more effective!
  • Best Spider type coil I've used!
  • Testing on a dime 25% to 30% Greater
  • New 12" coil is one of the best I've seen

Features of the Super 12 Inch Spider Search Coil:

  • 52 inch shielded cable with molded 5-pin connector
  • Weight of Super 12 coil including cable 1.2 lbs.
  • Super Strong construction
  • Open Spider design reduces weight so you can Metal Detect longer without fatigue
  • Fully shielded coil
  • Super 12 is waterproof and submersible
  • Specific Gravity Almost Zero
  • No-Flex Double Top plate
  • Warranty 2 years

Super 12 Logo Whites Super 12 Spider Loop
for E-series metal detectors (DFX,MXT,M6)
List Price $249.95 • Sale Price $219.95