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NEW!! Gemoro UltraSonic Jewelry Cleaners

Cleans quickly and easily with a powerful, yet gentle ultrasonic waves. In only 3 minutes or less. No scrubbing or polishing needed. No harsh chemicals, uses water or optional cleaning solution (166-0901). Removes dirt and grime from Coins, Rings, dug artifacts and jewelry or just about anything you find with your metal detector. This is one of the best affordable ultrasonic cleaners we have ever used.

3 Sizes To Choose From!
All are easy to use - Cleans coins, rings and more - Long lasting Gemoro quality
All with 1 year limited warranty

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Code #166-1780

Optional GemOro Concentrate
(1 bottle makes 40 quarts)
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ONLY $8.95

Code #166-0901


A larger 1.2 quart capacity makes this model perfect for cleaning larger coins and relics or just about anything you have that can be safely cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner. If you are cleaning larger quantities you need this unit. With higher performance transducers more difficult items will clean up faster. Constructed out of contoured durable ABS and built to last for years.

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Code #166-1785


This model is perfect for cleaning larger relics, coins in bulk, and jewelry.
Superior series with heat!

Large 2.6 Quart Heater Gemoro Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOros New Superior Series has a very large 2.6 quart capacity with a tank size of 9.5 inches X 5.5 inches by 3 inches deep. Ultrasonic cleaning is now ever better with Heat! Only the high-end Dura-last transducers are used in this model for the absolute best ultrasonic Wave cleaning. Will clean the largest coin batches, dug civil war relics and even very large jewelry items.

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Code #166-1787


GemOro 1728 Commercial-Duty UltraSonic
Now with 50% more Capacity! - 1.5 Pint
(10 Year Limited Warranty)

The GemOro 1728 is a commercial-duty unit designed for professional treasure hunters that clean lots of jewelry, coins & relics and offers the best warranty in the industry.  The GemOro Powerful UltraSonic's are making a big splash.  They're the best on the market, with features & benefits you won't find anywhere else.  The key to powerful ultrasonic cleaning is the transducers.  GemOro's powerful transducers give you the cavitations to clean even the toughest dirt, rouge, Tripoli, grease, casting investment and more.  So durable, they're backed by a 10-year warranty. Finish, all-metal construction, and stainless steel tanks resist rust and damage from harsh.  GemOro's auto-load self-tuning constantly adjusts to maximum output voltage and load voltage to maintain consistent cavitations and cleaning, regardless of load and liquid levels.  With GemOro Powerful UltraSonic's, you'll always get more power, more warranty and less cost.

Proprietary super high-performance industrial strength transducers – Dual cleaning performance modes – Power Sweep and Turbo Sweep Technology • Heavy-duty stainless steel outer cabinet • Chemical resistant Rocker Shield switch guard boot covers • Auto load self-tuning

Features: . Custom high-performance transducers that convert electrical energy to ultrasonic sound waves . 10 year limited warranty  . cover, on/off switch, for personal or countertop use . capacity: 1.5-pint, tank: 6x3.25x2 , Watts: 25, Weight: 4lbs.

Purchase Optional, Basket Below Not Included

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Code #166-1718

Need a Replacement or Extra?

1-Pint Stainless Steel Basket
For use with GemOro ONLY

Priced at
ONLY $39.95

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Code #166-1719

Optional GemOro Concentrate
(1 bottle makes 40 quarts)

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ONLY $8.95

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Code #166-0901
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