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STRONG-SOLID-WELL CUSHIONED!! Everything needed to protect your expensive metal detector from damage during traveling. Wherever you're going, by plane, train, bus or car this is the BEST way to transport and protect your metal detector. Nothing is worse than arriving where you plan to detect. You take your detector from your car only to find the coil was damaged and will not work. Or your detector shifted in your car trunk and will not turn on. Trip canceled! This will not happen with these Hard Travel Cases!

Metal Detector Carry Cases
Fisher Hard Carrying Case
with Fisher logo

Cat# 12-1802049
Retail Price $149.95
Sale Price $120.00
Fisher Hard Carrying Case
(OS) with Fisher logo

Cat# 12-202767
Retail Price $160.00
Sale Price $145.00
Universal Compact Case
with White's logo

Cat# 960-60111581
Retail Price $109.95
Sale Price $99.95
(OS) Indicates Oversize Dimensional Shipping Weight