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When you are looking for metal detectors with the very latest technology, look no further than the company that has been the leader in manufacturing only the “Highest Quality - Most Dependable” metal detectors in the world. Teknetics was first to invent features that now appear on most top-of-the-line metal detectors now in use. And Teknetics has been able to make this technology available on their mid-priced detectors. Now YOU can “GET THE BEST FOR LESS!”

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The new Teknetics series of metal detectors features a large, crystal clear and easy to read, identification meter. This new design enables even the most novice metal detectorist to see the treasures they've found before they begin to dig!
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NEW Teknetics T2 Gold & Treasure Detector
Teknetics T2 Metal Detector
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Teknetics T2 Limited Edition Metal Detector
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Now Includes a Free Teknetics Pinpointer and Teknetics Headphones
Teknetics Delta Metal Detector
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Over 31 YEARS AGO. . .

Kellyco Test Team
1981 Kellyco Test Team Members with TEKNETICS Engineers were the first to test the new Teknetics metal detectors with features that created a new standard for deep detecting.

In January of 1981, TEKNETICS, INC. was founded by a small dedicated group of engineers in Oregon, U.S.A. Their goal was to provide the finest quality and best performing metal detectors available anywhere in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Kellyco Store Since "MORE DEPTH" and "MORE DISCRIMINATION" have always been the most asked for features by metal detector users, Teknetics engineers  concentrated on making exciting advances in these features. In fact if you have been using any of the major features such as, VLF, T.R. DISC, MOTION DISCRIMINATE (some times called VLF/DISC.), DEPTH READING OR TARGET IDENTIFICATION, then you have been using features that were pioneered and invented by Teknetics engineers.

While it's not necessarily important how long a company has been in business, but rather how much EXPERIENCE the engineers who are designing the detectors for you have. Teknetics ENGINEERS at that time, had MORE THAN 25 YEARS OF METAL DETECTOR EXPERIENCE, unheard of 25 years ago.

TODAY. . .

TEKNETICS takes metal detecting to the next power level  with features that everyone has asked for in one outstanding metal detector. Teknetics promised to use our years of metal detector experience to continue to bring you the latest innovations that provide the MOST DEPTH and the MOST DISCRIMINATION possible. The TEKNETICS T2, Alpha, Gamma, and Omega are the metal detectors you have asked for, and once again TEKNETICS has delivered.

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