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1.  Is the new Teknetics a repackaged version of the old Teknetics from the 1980’s?

No, the Teknetics T2 is entirely new design not based on any other product. We called it “Teknetics” because like the old one, it sets the performance standard.   We also own the trademark.

2.  How deep will it go?

As with any other metal detector, how deep it will go depends on many variables which the manufacturer has no control over.  The T2’s sensitivity and depth capability is in the same league as the hottest machines currently available in its price range.

Most “deep” machines miss a lot of relatively shallow good targets because they’re masked by iron or aluminum trash.  So although “depth” is important, it’s not the whole story.

3.  What does the Teknetics T2 do that other machines won’t do?
T2 Metal Detector

For people who already own high-end metal detectors, the T2’s strongest suit is its quick and precise response.  The result is phenomenal target separation (also called “unmasking” or “see-through”), allowing it find good targets next to iron in areas supposedly cleaned out by other detectors.  And the discriminator is surprisingly quiet in the iron trash.  The T2 opens old sites up again and allows difficult sites to be productive. 

4.  Why isn't it multiple frequency?

There are a number of ways to improve a metal detector design, most of which cost money to engineer and to manufacture.   Adding additional frequencies is only one of those ways.  The T2 is a great machine because of technological advances in other areas.

5.  How easy is it to figure out how to use?  Some computerized machines are so complicated that a normal person will never get them figured out.

T2 FaceThe T2 user interface is very quick and easy to learn.  In prototype field testing we told users, “Do not read the manual first, just start using the machine.”  They all reported that the user interface makes it obvious how to use the machine and that there was no need to refer to the manual.  

On the other hand,  the T2 is a very sensitive machine and will detect many small or deep targets that most other machines would miss.  At first you may think you are getting a lot of false signals.  If you are not prepared to dig everything that the T2  can detect, you will have to discipline yourself to reduce the sensitivity and/or increase the discrimination.

6.  The new Teknetics seems to have come out of nowhere.  Why should anyone have confidence in it?

The lead engineer, Dave Johnson, has designed many of the industry’s most popular metal detectors for several different companies, beginning with the Fisher 1260-X in 1982.  If you’re an avid detectorist, you probably already swing machines that are Dave Johnson’s designs or adaptations of them.

"Taking Metal Detecting To The Next Power"

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