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Quantro Tone Magnetometer 1A Fast

More accurate target detection capability and a longer run time between charges
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Quantro Tone Magnetometer 1A Fast
Retail price $2,795.00
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Cat# 1274-7800
Now Only $2,599.00
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    Product Features

    • Audio alarm on/off feature
    • Shipping weight approx. 32 lbs.
    • 3 built-in rechargeable batteries
    • High speed Dual microprocessor
    • Excellent noise canceling abilities
    • Proton sensor is Omni-directional
    • Made in two parts for easy portage
    • Built-in closed ear audio headphones
    • Weight of unit: 17lbs. including batteries
    • 3 audio alarm settings 3, 6 and 9 gammas
    • Faster & seamless audio detection response
    • Faster Cycle retune switch with 1.5, 3 & 6 sec
    • Power on/off switch with alarm enabled position
    • Access plug for the gamma turning switches and recharge port
    • Large LED Gamma readout meter with battery condition indicator
    • Built-in 10 position Mag tuning switch (Used for setting the Gamma value)
    • Discovery is a proton type absolute magnetic field readout magnetometer

What to Expect From a Proton Magnetometer

The Discovery Tone Magnetometer series has hundreds of uses, more than any other detector today! Locate iron relics, beach wreck sites, strong boxes, projectiles, meteorites, iron pipes of all sizes, abandoned wells, old trash dumps, search archeological sites and more. With a detection radius of up to 75 feet you could easily walk along any creek, river or canal and still detect a target without even getting wet!

These are the only proton magnetometers that search like a standard metal detector. They utilize variable audio output when detecting a target, responding to ferrous metals with a tone you can hear! Operation is simple ­ Just turn it on and start searching for metal with a detection range that is over 10 times that of any other regular or pulse type metal detector!

Discovery Tone Magnetometers are easily portable, lightweight, and come in a small, hard-shell, ABS plastic carrying case. There are three models available ­ a handheld diving version, a boat-towed submersible version, and two very affordable land versions. The land version is carried horizontally, at the waist, and since it is very narrow it can be used where conventional detectors are unable to go. Tall grass and thick brush may make it all but impossible for swinging the coil of a conventional detector, but the Discovery Tone Magnetometer only needs to have the sensor raised to easily overcome these natural obstacles.

But the best part is that detection with the Discovery Tone Magnetometer is fast and reliable. They completely ignore all types of aluminum, foil and pop-tops that mask or confuse standard metal detectors, and even ignore small rusty nails or chunks of steel that waste your time! It is physically impossible for these advanced metal detectors to even see non-ferrous metal at all, keeping you from having to discriminate at high levels and miss possible targets.

The Discovery Tone Magnetometer is suitable for all types of metal detectorists. Meteorite hunters will love its wide-scan capabilities for locating large, deeply buried meteorites off of either side of the magnetometer sensor ­ done without any of the labor of swinging a coil back and forth. Meanwhile, relic hunters will also benefit from the large scanning capabilities of the Discovery Tone Magnetometer. It can go up to 10 times deeper on large cannon balls, projectiles, long rifles or any other buried iron civil or revolutionary war relics.

Choose the 1A Fast version for much faster and more accurate target detection capability and a longer run time between charges. Other benefits of this upgraded model come in handy while you are in the field by setting the audio alarm levels for size and intensity of targets.

The Discovery Tone Magnetometer 1A Fast weighs 17 pounds, and comes with a hard-shell, ABS plastic carrying case for easy transportation. It boasts a more accurate target detection capability and a longer run time between charges than the standard version ­ anywhere from 8 to 12 hours depending on the sampling rate you set.

The 1A Fast allows you to receive sampling rates of the Gamma field every 1.5, 3 or 6 seconds due to an upgraded microprocessor. Faster sampling rates will affect your runtime and battery life but utilizing a faster cycle can also allow you to move through an area very quickly while the audio response to target detection is significantly more seamless.

We believe that one of the best features of the Discovery Tone Magnetometer 1A Fast is the special audio target alarm that has adjustable sensitivity of 3, 6 or 9 Gammas. This feature allows you to select what size or intensity will set off the alarm alert in your headphones, independent of the Gamma field, indicating the size of a target. Searching then becomes easier since you won´t have to continuously monitor the Gamma field readout to sense a change in the Gamma value, meaning a possible target is in range!

Choose the 1A Fast version for more accurate target detection capability and a longer run time between charges. Other benefits of this upgraded model come in handy while you´re in the field ­ Setting the audio alarm levels for size and intensity of targets will be invaluable if you need to save time or cover a larger area.

Click Here To See How A Proton Magnetometer Works

NOTE: MagSurvey Software is not included with this Magnometer and is sold as an option at For more information please call 1-800-327-9697

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