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Quantro Discovery LC Digital Proton Boat Towed Magnetometer

Without Embedded logging, GPS, audio target detecting alarm and MagSurvey Software
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Quantro Discovery LC Digital Proton Boat Towed Magnetometer
Retail price $10,995.00
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Cat# 1274-7900
Now Only $7,595.00
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    Product Features

    • Built-in audio output speaker
    • Depth reading digital LED meter
    • DC Volts analog indication meter
    • Excellent noise canceling abilities
    • Powered by four microprocessors
    • Large digital LED gamma readout meter
    • Built-in "Tone Audio" feature with disable switch
    • Built-in depth reading altimeter with a 2000 ft. maximum detection range
    • Built-in 10 position Magnetometer tuning switch to use for setting the gamma value
    • MagSurvey computer software is available as an option for the LC Discovery Magnetometer
    • The LC Discovery Mag. Includes an RS-232 "Serial Port" output so data can be sent to a computer
    • High output with a very high gradient tolerance on the order of 500 gammas per meter with an access plug for a gamma tuning switch

Note: Same features as the "Digital Boat Towed Magnetometer, but without Embedded logging, GPS, audio target detecting alarm and MagSurvey Software

The new LC Discovery Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer is the latest in proton metal detector technology. It´s digital, packed with features, and comes standard with upgrades that are considered ´extra options´ on other, comparably priced, boat-towed magnetometers.

The LC Discovery comes standard with a built-in depth reading altimeter. Optional MagSurvey software can be used with your own computer equipment ­ the standard for magnetometers.

Powered by four state-of-the-art microprocessors and manufactured completely in the U.S., the Discovery Digital Proton Magnetometer operates to depths of 240 ft. or, for an additional fee, 500 ft. underwater. It comes standard with a 150 ft. long tow, super flexible cable with the option of upgrading, for an additional fee, to 300 or up to 2000 ft. cable.

Proton Magnetometers consistently detect bottom structures, submerged cultural resources, wrecks both old and new, and old wharfs/docks that are no longer visible to the naked eye or are deeply buried underwater. They are perfect for environmental survey companies, universities, law enforcement and treasure/relic hunters around the world. Zero visibility is no problem for Quantro Sensing products and the new Discovery LC Digital Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer is no exception!

Using the Digital LC Boat Towed Proton Magnetometer is simple and quick ­ leaving you free to spend your time excavating the treasure it finds!

The new, 2008 model´s "Tow-fish" is designed from heavy-duty, corrosion proof PVC material and is ready to use in the most extreme environments. Upgraded features provide a noise free, digital uplink to the control box to communicate accurate gamma readings and depth measurements. Easy breakdown and compact storage allows the Tow-fish and control box to be easily transported around the world in a medium sized suitcase and includes an extra set of breakaway fins for snag resistance.

Other magnetometers may not include important features such as: a built-in depth reading altimeter to indicate how deep the Tow-Fish is. See below for the Discovery LC Digital Proton Boat Towed Magnetometer´s features and specifications.

The Discovery LC finds any item made of iron, no matter what size; both large and small. You can locate buried iron cannons, anchors, and treasure chests, as well as any type of iron vessel! It is used by professional treasure hunters worldwide including relic hunters, marine industrial companies, ocean salvage companies, Archeologists, and local city municipalities.

Treasure hunters will love how easy the Proton Magnetometers are to use. You can quickly locate and pinpoint any buried iron treasure - in either fresh or salt water. Our magnetometer offers the most depth in any type of soil on all iron targets. Yet the operation of the Discovery is simple and requires minimal training in the field. Many treasure hunters use magnetometers to locate iron strongboxes full of gold or silver coins, to find iron cannons, cannon balls, or guns from the Civil War era, and to trace iron ships and wreck sites that contain targets.

The Discovery finds iron items that both tell a story and lead you to other treasures - it will find wagon wheels that tell the story of migration and surround old settlements, iron bans from old wooden treasure chests that hid family fortunes, and projectiles that indicate ships or wreckage or battle sites.

For more information on how a Proton Magnetometer works and what to expect from one, click here
Standard Specifications:

NOTE: MagSurvey Software is not included with this Magnometer and is sold as an option at For more information please call 1-800-327-9697

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