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MPX Metal Detector
Best of the New MP Digital Metal Detector Series

The Perfect Metal Detector for the Entire Family! Easy-to-tune and Easy-to-use. Comfortable for youngsters. Great visual meter plus being lightweight makes it perfect for the lady of the house. Dynamite power, high velocity sensitivity and awesome ability to tune out trash while still leaving in good targets makes it perfect for everyone especially the man of the house.
P. S. Grandparents will also love this metal detector!

Goes Deep - Finds Coins - Gold & Silver

One of the hottest offerings this Year is the Brand New MPX Metal Detector with an all-new Ultra Deep 10 Inch search coil.

The MPX Metal Detector is a very unique and highly efficient metal detector designed for beginners as well as serious treasure hunters. With the latest powerful metal detector electronics, even the newest of metal detector users can search for coins, rings, gold, etc. with the same efficiency as an "old pro", the MPX does ALL THE WORK.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get full performance from the new MPX, easy to tune and easy to use!

Peru Dime Found
(Gold coin is a limited edition Super Bowl Commemorative Coin found in original plastic case.)

Yes, MPX finds gold coins!
This is an All New Design that incorporates some very impressive performance features. The new MPX 10" search coil comes standard on the MPX is guaranteed to give you even better depth and target separation, even in high-mineralized grounds. Wider ground coverage plus greater depth will produce more good finds with many being recovered at astounding depths!
8" coil with ProModel is Great for finding Gold rings and Gold coins.

The New MPX is a totally re-designed MP series detector giving you a new and better filtered receiver that insures you of finding the deepest targets. But they did not stop there, as you approach the target, the New (ACP) Audio Centering Pinpointing feature will give the MPX a higher sound. As you continue to get closer to the target the sound increases and two visible bands on the meter will flash side to side indicating the target location. Additionally, all deeper coins and rings will be accurately centered under the search coil. You will spend more time Treasure Hunting and less time digging! New Deeper and Aggressive audio tone ID system will make your job easier in determining each and every target! Good or bad.

Now You Can Detect On Land and in Shallow Waters!
To make your Treasure Hunting more pleasurable the new MPX 10" search coil is very lightweight and completely submersible so you now can hunt those wet areas where others can't! The MPX is the perfect choice for Treasure Hunters wanting a performance detector at an affordable price!

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MPX Digital Meter
Designed to give good, clean, accurate information. Not cluttered with useless pictures and designs. Meter tells you the information you want to know and does it quickly and accurately without confusion.Easy-to-see and Easy-to-Read!.
New MPX Features

Strong  and well-made. Light in weight. Powerful in depth penetration. State-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology. Ultra Deep 10 Inch Search coil covers more ground in less time and has more depth than MP3 and MP3 Pro. APC (Audio centering pinpointing) makes it easy to recover deeper targets. High Gain - noise filter circuits increase depth an additional 20% while giving better target separation between trash and treasure! Improved audio tone technology, now even louder and easier to hear! Ergonomic 3-Part handle for better balance and portability. Larger control box and arm rest, 1/4 headphone jack. Same features found on many detectors costing hundreds more!

My wife loves the 64 MPX combo I bought her!
"I bought the 64 MPX combo for my wife. She absolutely loves it. Thank you!"
Bill C. - Phoenix, AZ

More MPX Features
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