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MP5 Pro Metal Detector

mp5 swift seeker metal detector

Most people who buy a metal detector are impressed by meters that identify the find, or buried item. Some metal detectors can even indicate the depth of a buried object and we agree, yes, that information is nice to know.

However, all of that information is gathered AFTER the find was discovered! Nothing on any meter can drive the signal deeper into the ground, or even increase the sensitivity of the signals that get sent out from the detector.

When the MP5 Swift Seeker metal detector was developed, it was decided to eliminate the meter and use money allocated for a display to be spent on more powerful circuits. The more powerful the circuit, the deeper the signal can be driven into the ground and the more 'pumped up' the sensitivity can be! This allows the user to produce more, deeply buried targets - where the most valuable coins, jewelry and even gold may lay hidden beyond the depth of the average metal detectorist.

Many metal detector manufactures produce their most expensive detectors with OUT meters - Minelab's SD and GPX series, White's Classic 4 ID, all of the DetectorPro products — and many serious detector users prefer deeper seeking detectors to metered models because they find more valuables, more often, and deeper!

The MP5 Swift Seeker will give you more for your money - especially if you want to find deeply buried valuables. You can set this detector to eliminate any or all junk and find only good targets. It's simple to tune, easy-to-use, and will take you deeper than many other metal detectors!

MP5 Pro, a deep searching metal detector without frills, bells or whistles. Easy-to-tune, Easy-to-Use. Fast seeking finds more treasures. Using the MP5 Pro, you will not have to spend time looking at a visual meter. You can move faster while listening for the "Sounds of Treasures." 
Tune your MP5 Pro to find only treasures - NOT Trash!

To find deeper more valuable targets (coins - rings - jewelry - treasures) you must have deep penetrating electronics, coupled with a search coil that can search deep and yet be sensitive to small targets like thin rings, small coins, gold chains, etc.

MP5 Pro IS A NO NONSENSE Metal Detector that gets the job done!
MP5 Pro gets the treasures you are looking for EVERY TIME!!

All the Power and Depth you would want in One Outstanding Metal Detector Series
The MP5 Pro is an amazing new detector, very affordable with impressive searching depth for coins and rings. An extremely simple design, very easy to operate and offers all the features of detectors costing more than twice the price. Control layout is simple and easy to adjust as each control is clearly marked with a "Pre-set" starting point to get you into using your metal detecting quickly. The MP5 Pro has all the tunable features you could ever want. Full VLF discrimination, sensitivity and volume control and even comes with a no-motion pinpoint button so you can zero in on those deeper buried treasures. Other features include a target alert light for detecting and pinpointing, also indicates when batter is low and needs to be replaced. A high powered 10 inch waterproof search coil will cut through some of the toughest ground minerals so you will not miss the older, deeper buried coins and relics that are usually hard to recover.

Exclusive Features of the MP5 Pro:

State of the art High Reliable Circuitry • Full Automatic Tuning • Full Automatic Ground Balancing • Full Range VLF Discrimination • Target Response Light for Pinpointing • Volume Control • Detection Depth Control • Low Battery LED Warning • 12.5 kHz. VLF operating system • APC Pinpointing • Ultra Lightweight & Compact Design lets you hunt longer without getting tired - Only 2.62 lbs • Easy to Operate • Water Resistant Digital 3 Search coil • Operates on two 9 Volt Batters

As in all MP Series Metal Detectors, don't let the low affordable price fool you. The MP5 PRO deep searching metal detector has powerful features not only for amazing depth searching abilities but has superior discrimination to take out junk targets (nails, pulltabs, foil, etc.) while finding coins, rings and other treasures. Easy-to-use and easy-to-tune knob controls give you features not found on many other detectors costing much more. Assisted by a powerful 10 Inch open search coil, the MP5 PRO can find coins from just under the surface up to twelve-fifteen inches deep, larger objects up to five feet deep or more. The MP5 Pro can even detect many gold nuggets. Comes complete with built-in external speaker and headphone jack to attach matched impedence headphones when required. Backed by MP Detectors exclusive five-year limited warranty.

A Silver Coin Weekend
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MP5's great Silver Coin Finds.

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