MP3 Metal Detector
Easy-to-Tune and Easy-to-Use

The Perfect Metal Detector for the Entire Family! Easy-to-tune and Easy-to-use. Comfortable for youngsters. Great visual meter plus being lightweight makes it perfect for the lady of the house. Dynamite power, high velocity sensitivity and awesome ability to tune out trash while still leaving in good targets makes it perfect for everyone especially the man of the house.

P. S. Grandparents will also love this metal detector!

Multi-Power & Maximum Power in One Outstanding Metal Detector Series

The MP3 is a performance oriented metal detector designed for finding all metals, including coins, relics, jewelry, gold and silver. OneTouch automatic operation makes the MP3 easy to operate. Using state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled circuitry, LCD target I.D., full automatic tuning. This MP3 detector will find more targets at even greater depths, then many comparable metal detector in its class.

Don't let the low price fool you. MP3 Digital metal detector has powerful features especially superior discrimination to take out junk targets (nails, pulltabs, foil, etc.) while finding coins, rings and other treasures. Easy-to-use and easy-to-tune touch pad controls give you automatic features not found on many other detectors. With the Powerful Digital 3 search coil, the MP3 can find coins from just under the surface up to seven inches deep, larger objects up to 1 meter deep (3.1 feet). Among its many features, MP3 provides both target ID and sensitivity control; full discrimination and a low battery indicator. Comes complete with built-in external speaker and headphone jack. Backed by MP Detectors exclusive five-year limited warranty.

  • Selectable Target Detection / Rejection
  • Programmable Sensitivity
  • On-Screen Target ID
  • Multi-Tone Audio Target ID
  • Audio Low Battery Indicator
  • Easy to Operate
  • Water-Resistant Digital 3 Search coil
  • Advanced Surface mount technology
  • Ultra Lightweight & Compact Design - Only 2.46 lbs.


Target Identification Icon Scale

  • Use discrimination control to eliminate or tune out "Junk" and unwanted targets

  • Use sensitivity control to adjust detector to changing ground conditions

Special Features of the MP3 Series Detectors:
  1. Use the Target ID to learn what you've found. The detected objects are shown on the large LCD meter. You can determine immediately whether the object is worth digging, or not.

  2. Use the Bar Graph LCD to locate your target fast!

  3. Fully automatic with no tuning.

  4. State-of-the-art adjustable Icon Target Identification System.

  5. Unique tone for Targets. When an object is being detected, a unique tone corresponding to the target will be heard. Therefore you don't have to keep watching the LCD display while searching.

  6. Auto-low battery voltage indication. The Battery Icons will be displayed on the LCD when the battery voltage goes below the proper value. In this case, the batteries should be replaced at once. Units operate on two 9V batteries.

Reasons to buy your metal detector from Kellyco
MP provides an excellent 5 year warranty
Kellyco Metal Detector Superstore provides a rock-solid lifetime program of backup and support. You are welcome to contact us to answer questions and assist you with any problems or concerns as long as you own your metal detector.