MP3 Pro Metal Detector
High Powered Metal Detector Designed for the Serious Treasure Hunter

Dad - Mom - Kids - Grandparents!

The Perfect Metal Detector for the Entire Family! Easy-to-tune and Easy-to-use. Comfortable for youngsters. Great visual meter plus being lightweight makes it perfect for the lady of the house. Dynamite power, high velocity sensitivity and awesome ability to tune out trash while still leaving in good targets makes it perfect for everyone especially the man of the house.

P. S. Grandparents will also love this metal detector!
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Multi-Power & Maximum Power in One Outstanding Metal Detector Series
The MP3 Pro (Deep Searching) is a high powered metal detector designed for the serious treasure hunter. Using special advance circuitry, automatic operation along with the ability to see further in the ground the MP3 PRO will achieve depths at up to 20% deeper, through the use of surface mount technology. This MP3 Pro series also uses more power in the search coil which in turns "pushes" the signal deeper in the ground.

Don't let the low affordable price fool you. The MP3 Pro Digital metal detector has powerful features especially for superior discrimination to take out junk targets (nails, pulltabs, foil, etc.) while finding coins, rings and other treasures. Easy-to-use and easy-to-tune touch pad controls give you automatic features not found on many other detectors. Assisted by the powerful Digital 3 search coil, the MP3 Pro can find coins from just under the surface up to ten inches deep, larger objects up to five feet deep. It can even detect many gold nuggets. Among its many features, MP3 Pro provides both target ID and sensitivity control; full discrimination and a low battery indicator. Comes complete with built-in external speaker and headphone jack. Backed by MP Detectors exclusive five-year limited warranty.


  • Selectable Target Detection / Rejection
  • Programmable Sensitivity
  • On-Screen Target ID
  • Multi-Tone Audio Target ID
  • Auto Low Battery Indicator
  • Operates on two 9 Volt Batteries
  • Ultra Lightweight & Compact
  • Easy to Operate
  • Water Resistant Digital 3 Search coil
  • Design lets you hunt longer without getting tired - Only 2.62 lbs.

Target Identification Icon Scale

  • Use discrimination control to eliminate or tune out "Junk" and unwanted targets

  • Use sensitivity control to adjust detector to changing ground conditions

Special Features of the MP3 Series Detectors:
  1. Use the Target ID to learn what you've found. The detected objects are shown on the large LCD meter. You can determine immediately whether the object is worth digging, or not.

  2. Use the Bar Graph LCD to locate your target fast!

  3. Fully automatic with no tuning or ground balancing required.

  4. State-of-the-art adjustable Icon Target Identification System.

  5. Unique tone for Targets. When an object is being detected, a unique tone corresponding to the target will be heard. Therefore you don't have to keep watching the LCD display while searching.

  6. Auto-low battery voltage indication. The Battery Icons will be displayed on the LCD when the battery voltage goes below the proper value. In this case, the batteries should be replaced at once. Units operate on two 9V batteries.
A Silver Coins Weekend

Here are the pictures I promised you.My son and I where detecting near what we thought was the foundation of an old house people in the neighborhood said burned down 20 years ago. The roof was evidently nailed together with 10,000 nails and because of the fire they were all over the place.

My son uses the MP3 Pro and I now use the MP5. I am so happy we bought these models as we could never detect this place if we didn't have the great discriminators on MP's. We tuned out all the nails and other junk and started finding lots of pennies, mostly close to the surface. We later moved around to what was the back of the house and the first silver coin found was a 1940 mercury dime followed by a 1045 merc. Then both my son and I got a "HIT" within a few feet of each other. He yelled "Got a silver dollar Dad!". I put my detector down to take a look at what turned out to be 1 Troy Oz. American coin. I started to dig my signal and soon came up with another different 1 Troy Oz. 999 Fine Silver Coin. Both were tarnished but looked really great to us!

We hunted the area more carefully and found many more coins including a 1965 Eastern Caribbean Territories Coin, looks like silver, not sure it is. A final stroke of good luck was a bright American Gold Dollar near the car as we were packing up to go home.

Our MP's have more then paid for themselves in finds and fun and i didn't have to spend thousand dollars to do it.

Robert L.
North Florida