Field Test Report MP3 Series

Field Test Report by renowned treasure hunter Jim McGarr.
In the late 1970's and into the 1980's Jim was very active in metal detecting and was on a first name basis with many metal detector manufacturers. His background and reputation was such that Jim was called upon many times to do early testing on new metal detector models. His experience and background earned him a position as production manager and product improvement coordinator for Bounty Hunter metal detectors. After leaving Bounty, Jim changed careers but still remains active in treasure hunting and metal detecting. His reports are always accurate and straight to the point.

Dear Stu,

I recently had to attend a conference on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I decided to contact Kellyco to see if they would let me test their new MP3 Pro metal detector that they described in their email newsletter. Kellyco has been very co-operative in the past and has loaned me detectors for special projects I have worked on and I also did a full-fledged field test on their Precision Automax Pinpointer Probe.

I decided to give the MP3 Pro a real shake-down and work-out on the beaches from Mississippi down to Central Florida where my trip would end with a visit to Walt Disney World. My wife insisted we go to Disney World so the conference was a perfect time to do some traveling.

The first thing I noticed about the MP3 Pro detector is its extremely light weight. It felt like a feather in my hand. I have been used to detectors weighing twice to 3-times as much. For awhile, I had to concentrate on the fact that I was swinging a detector. It was odd not to have that weighty feeling on my arm. The second thing I liked about this detector is the S curve pole mount assembly. While assembling this new machine, one merely has to attach the lower pole assembly to the upper pole assembly and you're ready to hunt, it's just that simple.

The MP3 Pro detector has one of the simplest operating systems I have seen. The operator only has to touch the "power" pad to turn the detector on/off and the MP3 Pro is fully operational. This is a real "touch and go" detector. You can use the MP3 Pro at low sensitivity or high sensitivity merely by pressing the upward arrow to increase sensitivity for full power or pressing the downward arrow to decrease sensitivity.

Althought the MP3 automatically ground balances, the touch-pad sensitivity controls can give you maximum depth on almost any type of soil.

The MP3 Pro can be used as an all-metals detector (for relic hunting) or to discriminate/eliminate junk and trash from rusty nails, tin foil, screws, bottle caps, and even pulltabs. This is accomplished by touch pads with arrows guiding the user to eliminate and discriminate any and all trash. The LCD. (Liquid Crystal Display) on the detector is easy to see and has picture icons allowing you to see what your target is under the search coil. It will identify coins, either specifically or by coin range. It will also identify trash items and even rings. The instructions are very simple and allow the MP3 Pro user great discretion in deciding what type of hunting they would like to do. It's nice to have a detector that has a very small instruction manual. It's simple to read and explains everything in plain English.

After the seminar I had a chance to hunt on the beach outside the hotel and was pleasantly surprised to get a "hit" on almost every swing. I thought the detector might not be operating correctly but darned if I didn't find a coin on 5 of the 6 times the machine indicated a target. 3-pennies, 1-quarter, and 1-very old pulltab. The Depth is really good for finding coins at the beach. I easily found a second quarter at 12" (inches). Although it wasn't old, I was impressed by the fact that at that depth the older coins are usually found.

Traveling down the Gulf Coast I made a number of stops at other beaches and regardless of wherever I used the MP3 Pro, I was quite successful and continued to find coins of every denomination and at depths that surprised me. For example dimes at 8 and 10 1/2 inches, pennies anywhere from 1 and 2 inches to 6 to 8 inches and 1 at 10 inches. Quarters seem to be the favorite target of the MP3 Pro. Every beach I went to as well as every roadside park, picnic area and school yard I stopped at, I found at least one or more quarters mixed in with what was now getting to be a large collection of coins.

Coming down through the panhandle of Florida, I noticed my finds of coins were not as frequent as they were on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I did find my first ring in Panama City, followed by two more near Clearwater Beach. All-in-all I had wonderful time testing the MP3 Pro and I recommend the MP3 Pro to anyone wanting to jump into this great hobby. Anyone from a youngster to an adult will find this to be a fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use metal detector with a full LCD display with the easiest electronics using one touch button operation. A first time treasure hunter can easily operate this detector within minutes of assembling.

I found that when the tides are out early in the morning and late in the evening, you can take this unit out on the beaches and hunt where other detectors might find "tough" going, and one can find a lot of coins and rings. This unit exceeds most everyone's expectations. Its faster, lighter and ease of operation makes this detector a "hot" unit. Don't let the low price fool you, I found the MP3 Pro exceeded my expectations as well as other people who stopped me on the beach ask "What I was doing?", they were also quite impressed as to the lightweight and how easily coins were found.

I would recommend the MP3 Series detectors to anyone on a budget wanting to experience the excitement of finding money, rings, jewelry and all kind of exciting treasures. This is the type of detector that is fun to use. Get yourself one!

Jim McGarr
Terry, MS