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Sluice Boxes

Keene Engineering designs and manufactures a variety of special purpose dredges and power sluices for a variety of applications, including gold and gemstone exploration.

Mini Sluice Box
Cat# 554-a51
ONLY $105.00
Super Mini Sluice Box
Cat# 554-a51a
ONLY $95.00
High Production Hand Sluice
Cat# 554-52
ONLY $120.00

Sluice Conversion Kits

Keene has combined the popular power sluice and portable dredge to create an entirely efficient recovery system that can be used in most any situation. This versatile machine can be equipped with a suction hose for dredging. The sluice box works extremely well for dredging because the material is pre-classified before entering the recovery tray. Combination units are ideally suited for shallow water areas. The Model 175 series can also be equipped with an air compressor for diving.

2 Inch Power Sluice Combination Kit
Cat# 554-hbck2
ONLY $1,600.00
2.5 Inch Power Sluice Combination Kit
Cat# 554-hbck25
ONLY $1,620.00
Power Sluice Package
Cat# 554-hbck52
ONLY $1,295.00
2 Inch Jet Flare Combination Kit
Cat# 554-hbckf2
ONLY $1,470.00
2.5 Inch Jet Flare Combination Kit
Cat# 554-hbckf25
ONLY $1,530.00
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Dredging Riffle
Cat# 554-a51dr
ONLY $40.00
2 Inch Suction Nozzle Component
Cat# 554-hbcdk2
ONLY $196.00
2.5 Inch Suction Nozzle Component
Cat# 554-hbcdk25
ONLY $212.00
Super Lightweight P90G Pump Component
Cat# 554-hbcke
ONLY $775.00
Sluice Box Frame with Adjustable Support Legs
Cat# 554-hbckf
ONLY $59.95
Power Sluice Hopper Conversion Component
Cat# 554-hbckh
ONLY $279.95
Classify Screen
Cat# 554-hbcs
ONLY $29.95
Sluice Extension Component
Cat# 554-ste
ONLY $19.95
2 Inch Jet Flare Adapter
Cat# 554-ste2f
ONLY $34.95
Classifying Sieves
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Classifying Sieves Classifying Sieves
Classify material before running through sluice boxes or gold pans. Used for sizing material and gold. These sieves will save time and improve recovery. Screen stacks and fit on the top of most 5-gallon buckets. This quality classifying sieve is constructed of tough high-impact plastic and a stainless steel screen.
8 Sizes in Stock!

CS2 Classifying Sieve
2-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-02
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS4 Classifying Sieve
4-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-04
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS8 Classifying Sieve
8-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-08
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS12 Classifying Sieve
12-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-12
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS20 Classifying Sieve
20-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-20
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS30 Classifying Sieve
30-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-30
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS50 Classifying Sieve
50-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-50
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
CS100 Classifying Sieve
100-Mesh Size

Cat# 554-101
Retail Price $29.95
Sale Price $23.95
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