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Powerful, Accurate & Deep Detection - With a FULL 5 Year Warranty!

Step into Kellyco Metal Detectors world of adventure and excitement locating old coins, rings, jewelry, relics, artifacts and many, many other treasures. Nowhere can a better dollar value be found than in the New Titan Metal Detectors series. Titan’s give you big performance and top-of-the-line features found only on detectors costing hundreds of dollars more. And, if that isn’t enough, Titan metal detectors have the ability to locate the deeper, more valuable coins that other detectors only wish they could.

Titans large easy-to-see meter shows you what's in the ground and how deep to dig for your treasure finds. And, with Titans Advanced easy-to-use Discrimination Program you can easily tune out unwanted trash & junk to find valuable coins, rings, jewelry, gold and even hidden and buried deep treasures! You get more time to detect without wasting time digging trash

Titan Warranty

Titan metal detectors have fully automatic features that can give even a beginner the effectiveness of an experienced “Pro” and the kind of top-line performance the experienced detectorist has come to expect from expensive detectors. Titan gives you the kind of quality, performance and price that all add up to real excitement! Take a closer look at the Titan Detectors outstanding designs and features. Compare Titan with other brand detectors. Dollar for dollar, never before has so much cost so little.

All Titan metal detectors are designed to be manufactured with quality parts by experienced engineers and assembled by a well trained production crew. Each individual Titan 9000 detector is tested to produce "Peak Performance" before it is boxed and offered for sale. We are proud to offer a FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY WITH ALL TITAN 9000 metal detectors!

Kellyco promises to take your detector back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked!


If you don't buy your 1st Texas metal detector from Kellyco you'll pay too much!

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1st Texas Metal Detectors Have Kellyco's Exclusive 120% Price Guarantee!
Retail $599.95
WAS $399.95
NOW ONLY $359.95
Total Package Savings: 56%
1st Texas Titan 9000 Pro Metal Detector
w/ 8" and 4" Search Coils
Retail $698.95
WAS $434.99
NOW ONLY $389.95
Total Package Savings: 62%
1st Texas Titan 9000 Pro Plus
1st Texas Titan 9000 Pro Plus
w/ 8" and 4" Search Coils, Electronic Pin Pointer
Retail $768.95
WAS $459.95
NOW ONLY $409.95
Total Package Savings: 65%
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