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We'll Beat Any Price You Can Find, Guaranteed!

Kellyco will never let price get in the way of doing business with you!
That’s why we offer a rock solid 120% Price Guarantee.*

Need more convincing? Let’s get real, scouring the internet for the best possible bargain on a new detector or accessory is boring. We do the legwork for you so you can buy with confidence:

For more information, check out The Top 10 Reasons to Buy from Kellyco.

*120% Price Guarantee is good within 10 days after your purchase, and applies only to the price of new metal detectors, excluding packages or free merchandise.

**Excludes these non-refundable products: professional, GPL, security and commercial machines, special order detectors, J.W. Fisher professional products, OKM, Nokta, Blisstool, and other Treasure Hunting devices.

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